Fear of success is very common and that’s because fearing change is what our brains are wired to do. You are literally going against your internal programming and survival instincts when you set new and big goals. 

So don’t beat yourself up about it but yes, you do need to work through it otherwise it will always feel like you have one foot on the accelerator and the other on the break the whole time your run your business. 

Finish the sentence (below) as many times as you can until you have written everything your brain can think of. 

I am scared to be a success in case/because…

Give your brain the time to share. It's trying to be heard and when we try to think positively over it without letting it speak, it just gets louder!

And your subconscious mind (where this fear comes from) is FIVE TIMES MORE POWERFUL than your conscious mind anyway so you'll be fighting a losing battle if you try to ignore it and its fears. 

Then take each answer and write out 3 reasons why that isn’t actually true/fact (or as they say...absolute BS). 

For example:
I am scared to be a success in case I get trolled on the internet.

The 3 reasons why this is BS are:

  1. People will say things whether I’m being successful or not. A troll will always be a troll so I can stay small or go big. It's about them, not ME. They'll just troll someone else if I'm staying small and not being seen. 
  2. I might NEVER even get trolled anyway and I’m stopping myself from doing what I love to protect myself from something that may NEVER happen. 
  3. The people whose opinions I really value will want me to be a success. 

do this for EVERY sentence you wrote out. Coach yourself through it. 

Once you have done that...

imagine you're 90 sitting on your sofa and you look back and REALISE you never went for your dreams.

Write about how you feel. It's good if this feels painful. We are trying to change the what your brain links pain (aka fear) to.

You will ALWAYS have fear. We can’t get rid of that - but we can use it to our advantage. 

This is not just about 'feel the fear and do it anyway', it’s about changing that fear to be the FEAR OF NOT GOING FOR IT. 

After that amp up the excitement of the results you want.

But do the other exercises first and your brain will accept them and get excited too.

Try this and let me know in the comments below how differently you feel about creating success in your business and going NEXT LEVEL. 

Emma xx

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