If you're in my Facebook group or you've downloaded my workbooks you'll have heard me talking about the importance of having and building an email list.

After all, you don't own the details of those 3k people you have on Facebook or Instagram (billionaire Mark Zuckeburg does), so you never know when they might change the algorithms again or decide to charge us for every business post we put out there.

When I first started building my email list and sending weekly newsletters, I used to take it soooo personally when people unsubscribed. 

It made me doubt what I was saying and I'd put off sending them regularly. 

It made me filter myself and dilute my message and quieten my voice.

It made me worry that I was somehow 'bothering' my list. 

Even just one of those thoughts is enough to sabotage any chance of building engaged fans who can't wait to hear from you.  

In today's podcast, I share why you should never take unscubscribers personally and how to change your mindset around it so you can keep show up and building a strong relationship with the people who came forward and handed you their email address.

Take a listen:

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Emma xx

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