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Are you on Instagram?

I have to say it’s my favourite social media platform (Facebook is a close second).

But the issue is you can’t just add links in the same way as other platforms.

Instagram only has one clickable link and that’s in your bio.

So, how do you make the most Instagram so people can see what you have to offer and also sign-up to multiple things at once?

This is where comes in.

It’s free and I love it.

Yes, you can of course create a page on your website to direct people to with different links but I’ve found I get a better response (and sign-up rate) when I use

Below is a video I made for my Mastermind

I share how and why to use to get people converting from Instagram to where you actually want them...your lead magnet and website.


Emma xx

P.S. I created this for the Mastermind I ran specifically for Personal Stylists (I don't just work with stylists, I work with any service-based entrepreneur) so that's why I used 2 examples for stylists.

Click the button below to watch:

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