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Let’s talking branding!

A lot of people are concerned about how to stand out in the marketplace. They may fear that there are too many stylists, health coaches, relationship coaches, MUAs, massage therapists etc. Branding is what helps you stand out. Every new or existing entrepreneurs can differentiate themselves from others who operate in the same nice through branding.

People are often surprised to see that my 'brand colours' are not just on my website and social media but also in my home, wardrobe and accessories.

I didn't choose colours, fonts, photos because I thought they would work as a business.

My brand is an extension of me.

One of the mistakes I see many entrepreneurs make is trying too hard to DEVELOP a brand. A brand needs to fit YOU not the other way around.

If you are a service-based business then your clients are buying YOU. Not your brand or a product. You are your brand. People buy from people. Let them see what they'll be getting.

This is the fastest way to attract your ideal clients too because people love to do business with those with similar values and tastes. The Know, Like and Trust Factor is about building a rapport and a strong visual representation of what they get when they work with you will ensure you build a connection quickly.

Don't listen to others. This is a time to follow your gut.

Over the years, I've been told all sorts of nonsense:

"Your website is too pink."

(By a man that was advising me on my marketing.)

"You need to choose a brighter pink to attract entrepreneurs."

(By a female coach who used hot pink.)

"You need to only put photos of yourself on your About Page."

(By a branding 'expert'.)

But I followed my gut and my brand is ME. Maybe that's thanks to years of being a Personal Stylist and knowing the importance of letting your image reflect your personality.

And do you know what?

One of the first things many of my clients say is that they were attracted to me because of my 'brand'.

Do you. Always.

Want help making your brand an extension of you?

Then you'll love my 'Branding Like a Pro' Business Bundle. It's sooo much more than just colours and fonts.

It will also cost you less than the price of a meal out with your partner but will be one of the most effective ways to attract your dream clients.

What are your brand colours, I'd love to know? And are these the colours that you wear, own, decorate your home in and just feel right? Please comment below.