How to Price Your Business Services

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One of the questions clients always ask is,

"How much should I charge?"


"How do I raise my prices?"

If you run a service-based business then it can feel daunting to know where to start when pricing your services.

It’s all too easy to just look around at the ‘competition’ and position yourself somewhere in between the lowest and highest price range.

But this isn’t an effective way to run a business. We have no idea what overheads other people have. What one person is happy to receive in exchange for their time and effort does NOT need to be what you charge. Plus people have all sorts of limiting views around money (and themselves) that causes them to feel very uncomfortable charging and even talking about their prices.

it’s always best to ignore what everyone else is doing and price your business in a way that reflects you and the service you provide.

I’ve created a PRICING GUIDE audio sharing how I recommend my clients decide on the best price for them.

This audio is for you if you:

  • Are just starting out and feel unsure what to charge;

  • Want to feel more confident when talking about your prices;

  • Feel ready to increase your prices but aren’t sure what to make them;

  • Realise that your own thoughts on money may be affecting your business;

  • Are ready to make more money without having to work harder.

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