Wooohooo! My NEW website is LIVE!

I'm celebrating my BRAND NEW WEBSITE

There was nothing particularly wrong with my old website. In fact I had lots of lovely comments. It was really quite pretty and the graphic/web designer did an amazing job.

However, I wanted more ownership; I wanted to be able to create new pages and change the menu buttons in an instant. I was having to pay a tech guy to make small changes because any slight change in the coding and the whole page would change format. Arrggghhhh! It was driving me mad. Everything was taking so long even though it was Wordpress and meant to be straightforward.

A few Fridays ago my boyfriend and I had our 'Date Night' and part way through the evening he told me he had a surprise for me...

He took out his phone and presented me with a website...my website...

He had set up a template for a new website and had been busy reading up about the different coding (he loves all that!) involved in that particular site. Using my copy and photos, he had created a simple mock-up of a sparkly new website!!!

Oh my goodness! Was he for real??!!

To me, that was more exciting than if he had bought me a diamond necklace. I was speechless to begin with and then quite emotional. He KNEW what this would mean to me. The fact that he had taken the time and effort was the most touching gift.

Together, we spent the next 4 Sundays (and many hours in between) with our heads in our laptops editing, checking, updating and creating. I wanted him to show me every aspect of the site so I could feel in control.

And you are looking at the result! I am thrilled with it! I have created and have ownership of every page now.

I hope it helps you get a better feel for what I do and WHY. I am so passionate about empowering women to release their Self-Bully and gain the CONFIDENCE to create their dream life.

I want this website to be the catalyst for change which is why it's so important to me - and HE knew that.

I hope you enjoy reading through the blog posts and return on a regular basis to get the information and motivation to transform the relationship you have with yourself!

Much love, Emma xx

Photo source: Pinterest