What Happened When I Stopped Hating My Body...

I used to be so self-conscious about the way I looked which basically meant I was constantly aware of myself, my appearance and felt on edge too much of the time. This affected my business and my life. I retreated.  

When I began to see my body differently and treat it with love rather than contempt, the biggest thing I noticed was that I stopped 'being in my head'. 

And instead:
1) I relaxed and enjoyed social situations more. 

2) I started new hobbies. I took myself off to dance classes: ballet, tap and hip hop. I got drum lessons - so much fun!

3) I enjoyed my own company.

4) I lightened up. I laughed at myself. I used to be so serious because I was feeling defensive.

5) I started dating. I signed up for Internet dating and had such a blast. Instead of worrying about what they thought of me, I relaxed and enjoyed the date. 

6) My Image Consultancy business boomed! Before that I was too concerned that I needed to look a certain way. This severely limited the results I had in my business because I was terrified of judgement. I procrastinated and hid behind my laptop.  Learning to love my body (and myself) enabled me to 'get out there'. I ran workshops; spoke to roomfuls of women; contacted and appeared in newspapers. I even walked into high street stores in London and told them I wanted to run an event there. 

7) I stopped trying to look like the 'perfect' Image Consultant and just wore whatever the heck I wanted. 

Who do you know who would benefit from learning how to love their body? 

How would Body Confidence change their life? 

I've made my new 'Love Your Body' programme affordable for all! I’ve put so much into it – everything I've learnt to transform the way I see my body and everything I teach my clients. 

It WILL change the way you view your body; it’s impossible to go through this course and see yourself in the same way. It will literally change the relationship you have with your body.  



Emma xx