Why I was happy to leave Rome, Italy

I've just back from the most incredible Valentine's weekend break with my man. He came to pick me up on Friday and drove us to the airport - I still had no idea where I was going. I am so impressed that he managed to keep the destination a surprise for almost 2 months!

I was giddy when I found out where we were going: Rome - it has been on my Bucket List for years.

The history. The buildings. The ruins. The food. The atmosphere.

Wow, wow, wow! We had the most romantic 3.5 days. It seemed to be over in a flash. I loved every second of it; we are already planning our return because there is so much more to see. If you have never been then I urge you to go. The city is magical.

But...do you know what is the most surprising thing about it all? When it was time to get in the taxi and head back to the airport, I felt something I didn't expect.

I felt excited about coming home.

When I used to go on holiday, a feeling of dread would wash over me as the ending approached. I used to wish that I could pause time. I wanted to remain free and energised. I wanted to hold on to that incredible feeling you seem to only be able to get when you are away...

Well, the difference this time is that I feel that about my business. I feel free and energised. I really do love what I do. I got back last night and, whilst my boyfriend felt gutted about returning to work this morning, I was eager to see my clients.

It really is possible to create a career that you love. I promise!

I used to think it was normal to moan about your job. I used to think that people who said they loved their work were either liars or simply exaggerating (or just plain annoying)!

Now, I want to scream it from the rooftops...YOU CAN LOVE WHAT YOU DO (AND YOU SHOULD)!

This is a message to you, my love (the woman who feels trapped in a soul-sucking job).

You do NOT have to keep settling for a job you don't love. You CAN create a life doing something you love. You can step out of the box from a role that is draining you. Life can be different from dreading going back to work after a holiday.

When I see clients who want to create their dream careers they often tell me that the reason they haven't done anything about it before was because they didn't think it was possible. They too had spent too many years thinking it was normal to find your job, at best, mundane.

Please let me be the example to show you what is possible. I am also going to be interviewing other women who have taken the leap and created their dream career. I know you are going to love their stories!

Also keep your eyes peeled for the new teleclass I am doing which will give you the 3 steps needed to Create Your Dream Career.

Let's get loving life again,

Emma x

I couldn't resist sharing some of our holiday snaps (#messyhairdontcare ;-))

Vatican City
Vatican City

I am intolerant to gluten so I was in heaven when I discovered Rome catered for me with delicious gluten-free pasta and pizza!

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