What a woman and what a brand!

I do love a quote! They are great for motivation and giving us a little insight into successful people’s thought patterns. Whenever I’ve looked up quotes for female entrepreneurs, Estee Lauder has always come up.

So, I decided to dedicate a blog post to this powerhouse of a woman.

I hope she inspires you in the way she inspires me.


Here are 25 of my favourite Estee Lauder quotes to remind YOU to keep going on this entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy!

  1. “I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something, I sell it, and I sell it hard.” Estee Lauder

  2. “If you have a goal, if you want to be successful, if you really want to do it and become another Estée Lauder, you’ve got to work hard, you’ve got to stick to it and you’ve got to believe in what you’re doing.” Estee Lauder

  3. “If you push yourself beyond the furthest place you think you can go, you’ll be able to achieve your heart’s dream.” Estee Lauder

  4. “All great things begin with a vision….a dream.” Estee Lauder

  5. “I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it.” Estee Lauder

  6. “If you don’t sell, it’s not the product that’s wrong, it’s you.” Estee Lauder

  7. “Trust your instincts.” Estee Lauder

  8. “First comes the shy wish. Then you must have the heart to have the dream. Then, you work, and work.” Estee Lauder

  9. “Our life isn’t how much we can take out, but how much we can put in.” Estee Lauder

  10. “Touch your customer, and you’re halfway there.” Estee Lauder

  11. “Whatever you give comes back to you.” Estee Lauder

  12. “Business is there if you go after it.” Estee Lauder

  13. “Risk taking is the cornerstone of empires.” Estee Lauder

  14. “I’ve always believed that if you stick to a thought and carefully avoid distraction along the way, you can fulfill a dream. My whole life has been about fulfilling dreams. I kept my eye on the target, whatever that target was. Whether your target is big or small, grand or simple, ambitious or personal, I’ve always believed that success comes from not letting your eyes stray from that target. Anyone who wants to achieve a dream must stay strong, focused and steady.” Estee Lauder

  15. “Each businessperson must find a style, that voice that grows clearer and louder with each success and failure. Observing your own and your competitors’ successes and failures makes your inner business voice more sure and vivid.” Estee Lauder

  16. “I am a visceral person by nature. I act on instinct, quickly, without pondering possible disaster and without indulging in deep introspection.” Estee Lauder

  17. “I learned early that being a perfectionist and providing quality was the only way to do business.” Estee Lauder

  18. “Projecting your mind into a successful situation is the most powerful means to achieve goals.” Estee Lauder

  19. “People do make their luck by daring to follow their instincts, taking risks, and embracing every possibility.” Estee Lauder

  20. “Make the most of what you have. I operated, full time, on that precept. If you can’t have everything you think you deserve at that moment, you would do well to surround yourself with symbols of your ideals. In that small office, I surrounded myself with touches of the good life, the lovely and intricately tapestried life of my imagination, an imagination that has always been, I’m proud to say, large enough to admit any possibility.” Estee Lauder

  21. “I was unstoppable, so great was my faith in what I sold.” Estee Lauder

  22. “Most good ideas sparkle in simplicity, so much so that everyone wonders why no one ever did that before.” Estee Lauder

  23. “When I thought I couldn’t go on, I forced myself to keep going. My success is based on persistence, not luck.” Estee Lauder

  24. “I worked for it.” Estee Lauder

  25. “Be strong. Be confident. Be the star of your own life.” Estee Lauder

What’s your favourite quote? Estee Lauder or not, I’d love to hear it, please share in the comments below.

Emma xx