Gift Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs


I’ve shared 16 of my favourite gift ideas for every female entrepreneur:


Travel Mugs

Trust me, we make a hot drink and the next minute we go to take a sip and it’s ice cold.

Click here and here for a great variety.

Motivational pencils

Motivational pencils

Because who doesn’t love to write notes and feel inspired at the same time?
Click here for a great range.

Jen Sincero


These are my top 6 reads for every female entrepreneur:

  1. Money Mindset - Jen Sincero

  2. The Big Leap

  3. The Slight Edge

  4. The 5 Second Rule

  5. The Science of Getting Rich

  6. Girl Code


There are some gorgeous candles and diffusers for her office and desk here.

Subscription Boxes (Graze 

Make sure she’s eating regularly!


This is the one garget I use in my kitchen more than anything else (except my kettle). It means I can whip up a healthy breakfast and start my day off quickly but healthily.

Click here to buy.

Power Pack

There’ll be days she just wants to get out of the house and take her work with her. Don’t let her run out of juice!

Here’s one from Amazon.

Gift ideas for entrepreneurs

Starbucks Voucher

Speaking of juice, why not encourage her to work away from home more often. It does wonders for creativity and productivity. Every entrepreneur dreams of the day she can sit in her favourite cafe/juice bar and tap away on her laptop. But that doesn’t mean she makes it a reality all that often. Find out which coffee shops are local to her and get her a gift voucher.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 18.39.57.png

Laptop Carrying Case

If you can get her one in her brand colours I can guarantee she’ll love it even more!

Click here.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 18.39.16.png

Waterproof Notepad 

Ask anyone where they get their best ideas and it’s when they are away from the laptop and phone and often just singing along in the shower. PING! Don’t let her great ideas wash down the drain.

Click here to buy.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 18.38.16.png

Tripod for FB and IG lives and YouTube videos

She needs to be doing more video in her service-based (and product-based) business, even if it terrifies her. Make life easier by buying her something that she can use with her iPhone and press, record and go!

Click here.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 19.29.52.png

Planner or Diary

These are very personal though so unless she’s been sending you a few hints, I’d steer clear! 

Here are some gorgeous personalised ones.

Podcast mincrophone


Whether she’s going LIVE on Facebook or Instagram, recording a YouTube video or featuring on a podcast, she’ll want to have a decent mic.

Click here to see the one I recommend.

Slogan T-shirt or Jumper

Because we don’t need much of an excuse to wear a comfy tee or jumper and if it can include a fun slogan so much the better! Click here for a gorgeous selection.

Clarity on her business structures

Does she need more clarity on the next steps to take her business Next Level? The she’ll love my self-study courses. These will not only get her the clarity she craves and give her the step-by-step instructions to implement in her business to bring in more clients and money. Win-win.

Clarity on exactly what she wants to do in her life and business.

I can’t think of a better gift one that is quite literally life-and-business-changing! My Vision Board Mastery course is just £20.19 and I’m running it LIVE on 9th-15th January. The feedback has been amazing. Last year’s round of women manifested clients, money, upgrades, perfect bridge-jobs and love.

She can join me and over 60 other women as we all create our vision boards for 2019.