Competition Messing With Your Head?

Hi lovely,

Let's get real. Let's start talking about what messes with our head as an entrepreneurs. 

Did you know that 95% of female entrepreneurs are stuck not making enough money to live their purpose or fund their dreams?! That's 95% of the women who have taken the brave leap and started a business. Usually something they are soooo passionate about. 

So what's the problem? Why do the majority of business owners to quit after 2-5 years?  

Because of two key things: lack of clarity and lack of confidence/belief. 

That's why I became a Business Confidence Coach. I can't bear to think of women giving up on their dreams; women who've taken the BIG first step and created a business but found themselves stuck. I help women become unstuck so they can get in front of their Ideal Clients, get more bookings, make more money and ultimately spend their days doing work they LOVE. 

Today I want to address an area that can render even the most confident entrepreneur immobile and cost them their precious time and money. 



Your success is so much closer than you think!

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Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Emma xx