A Lesson from your 6 Year Old Self

A woman in a Facebook group I follow, posted a video of her 6 year old daughter, Ruby, jumping with her skipping rope.   

She was skipping on one foot whilst navigating the long rope and had a huge beaming smile on her face. 

She bought the rope just 3 weeks ago with her pocket money but her mum explained: "She couldn't even do one skip. She was really quite naturally shit at it - and I thought it would go into the shed and gather dust." (Ha!) 

But no. Ruby was determined and has practised every day since. At the end of the video she asked to watch it back because she's clearly proud of her achievement and progress (and so she should be).

What does this teach us adults? It's teaches us 2 things:

  1. Just because you can't do something when you first pick it up doesn't mean you can't master it. In just 3 weeks this little girl went from not being able to do one skip to 15 seconds without stopping. And she has a bigger goal for herself: to be able to "skip so fast you can't see the rope, just like a boxer." (I've never met her but I adore this girl!!) Determination gets you exactly where you want to go in life. 

  2. As adults, we expect ourselves to be perfect and even if we have made progress we daren't praise ourselves until we have 'finished'. When did we lose the essence of our 6 year old self: the girl who loved to show off her skills and felt proud of every little step? 

What are you telling yourself you can't do? What are you not even allowing yourself to practise?

It's time to dream big and believe 100% in yourself again, my love. Just like you did as a child. If you did it before then you can do it again. 

And I want to help you. 

I'm a Confidence Coach and my gift is helping women to do just that: to dream bigger and believe that what they want is not only possible for them but they deserve nothing less. 

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Are YOU ready to dream bigger and start living a life you love? Are YOU ready to finally release the self-doubt and negative inner-talk and transform the relationship with yourself so you believe anything is possible and won't allow doubt to stand in your way? 

Ready to make that happen?

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Lots of love,

Emma xx

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