One of the women in my Mastermind was reading this amazing book by Jen Sincero. 

It's one of the mindset books on the reading list I give to all my clients. 

As you can see, Jen dedicated this book to Gina DeVee and that's who I trained with for a year to become a coach.

Hearing this, she asked me to share my biggest takeaways from learning from the multi-millionaire. (I've actually hired 6 multiple 7-figure female entrepreneurs over the last 10 years because I love learning from the best!).

Honestly, it comes down to knowing something else is possible (as in you CAN get paid great money to do what you love) and then being consistent about keeping your mind focussed on what you want (rather than what you don’t).

As well as learning from these powerhouse women, I've read many books on money (over 50) and been studying and applying the mindset work in depth. 

Here are my 4 top tips to transform your relationship with money:


Gina taught us to keep filling our mind daily with wealth consciousness books. The two she recommended are: The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles and Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

When Gina finishes one she picks the other one up and starts reading it again. She reads at least 15-30 mins a day.

I love TSOGR and will happily read that regularly. I prefer to listen to Think & Grow Rich.


Then it's about changing your money ‘story’. Noticing when you're feeling negative around money and then switching the language around.

As a child, we learn about money from our parents, society, religion, teacher, films, the media but that doesn't mean what we learn is true. The problem is, we can learn a lot of very limiting beliefs that we take on as fact when really, they have just been someone else's experience. 

Take for instance the belief that many people have that you 'have to work hard for money.'

Who says? I know it might seem to be the case when you look around you but there are thousands of people out there who bring in money and aren't busting a gut to do so.

When we tell ourselves we have to work hard for money and we're entrepreneurs then that can become true for us and cause all kinds of stress and hardship.

I know because this was one of my tough-to-shift beliefs. I often felt guilty if I had some passive income coming in and would either sabotage my efforts or force myself to work harder for it. This belief can lead to burn-out too. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you'll never have to do anything and that money will just land in your lap BUT how about shifting the belief to:

Money comes easily to me as I do the things I love.

That has a very different energy and will produce very different actions and results. 

Take a look at any negative language and thoughts you have around money and you need to shift them to become positive.


It's then about BEING the person who has the success you want BEFORE you even see it in your life. You can't get healthy by continuing to do the same things you did when you get sick, right? 

We know we have to become the healthy person first and then health follows. 

It's the same with money. 

You have to become the abundant, affluent version of yourself and then the money follows. 

Want more money, clients and success? Get clear on how many and then ask yourself: what will that next level version of me do, wear, eat, act, think? Start doing those things now! That does not mean you have to go and max out your credit card - that won't help your money mindset one bit!! 

Get creative here.

Go to the hotels you'd love to stay in and order a glass of champagne or a pot of tea. You have to put yourself in the surroundings first and then you feel comfortable and they feel like your #norm. THEN the magic can happen.


All the time we're desperately wishing and hoping for money to come to us, it keeps  us thinking about a future time. That's not how you attract money and clients. 

You have to FEEL abundant NOW. You have to feel as if you already have what you want - the wardrobe you want, the clients you want, the money in the bank, the Amazon bestseller. 

THEN your Subconscious mind can get to work on helping you start acting that way automatically AND you activate the powerful Law of Attraction.

That's why I'm always talking about affirmations, vision boards, visualisations and writing 'as if'. When done right, they will completely transform your entire life - for the better.

They get you into the STATE of having it already and that's when you are able to receive it. Sounds ironic right? But it's just what happens

Like an athlete seeing and feeling herself winning that gold medal over and over in her mind - literally thousands of times before she actually wins it. That's what you need to do too. 

I cover this in detail in my 21 Days to £5K Mindset course. That whole course is about shifting the way you think about, talk about and act around money.

Click the link below, to find out more.

Here's some feedback women who've taken the course: