Importance of Self-Care




I want to quash the belief that self-care is somehow selfish. I've seen in my own life how this couldn't be further from the truth. 

Whenever we put ourselves at the bottom of the pile (rather than the top), we end up in trouble. That's true in all relationships: family, motherhood, friendship, business. Because we end up emptying the well and then what have we got to give? Nothing. 

Module 2 of my 'Love Your Body' course is about Radical Self-Care and creating your own bespoke practice that enables you (and your body) to thrive.

Below is an audio from Module 2 explaining the importance of self-care and why it's actually the first step to learning to Love Your Body and those around you:



Would you love to:

  • Transform your inner-voice from negative to positive
  • Learn how to stop comparing yourself to others
  • Appreciate what your body does for you
  • Treat your body with love and respect
  • Learn how to like your reflection in the mirror
  • Get clarity on the way you WANT to feel about your body and make that a reality!
  • Become comfortable in your own skin
  • Build up the confidence to wear clothes you love
  • Enjoy feeling more attractive

My 'Love Your Body' self-study course teaches you exactly how to do all of the above. Ready to make that a reality and transform the relationship you have with your body? It starts with transforming your mindset!

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