1. Whatever I can dream up for my business, I can achieve.

2. I've created the perfect business for myself.

3. This year I made £$_____.  (Insert the amount you want to make in 2018 and get used to hearing yourself say it as if it's happened).

4. I deserve the finest life has to offer.

5. _______ is my most profitable month of 2018!  (You can change the month each time).

6. My success encourages others to go after their dreams.

7. I lovingly forgive any past money mistakes to open myself up to receiving more. 

8. I'm open and ready to attract everything I desire.

9. I love turning my creative ideas into money.

10. I’m proud of everything I’ve achieved so far.

11. I'm happy, successful and fulfilled.

12. Why is it so easy for me to get new clients? 

(Let your brain keep coming up with ideas for this one. Our brains are like Google - ask it a question and it'll search for an answer. So don’t say: Why do I never have enough clients/money? Because it WILL give you an answer and it won’t feel very empowering.)

13. Incredible abundance is my chosen reality.

14. I use money to better my life and the life of others.

15. I have everything I want and need.

16. I have the power to attract money.

17. I deserve the money I make.

18. Money is pouring into my life from all directions. 

19. I am worthy of success.

20. I have everything I want and need. 

21. I love watching my business expand.

Loving these? 

Every Monday Morning I send out a new SUCCESS MANTRA (aka affirmation) for you to repeat each day that week. 


This is what Sharon Brown had to say about her SUCCESS MANTRA:

"I received your email yesterday at the right time because I was not having a good day! I had nothing to lose so I decided to take action and said your morning mantra out loud as suggested for 5 minutes and went about my usual day.

Within a couple of hours I had a telephone call after telephone calls with people wanting to book appointments at my mobile salon. I just couldn't believe it, it had actually worked. I felt so uplifted and happy that now this mantra is part of my life. Thank you so much Emma."

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