9 things that are much easier when you know EXACTLY who your Ideal Client is. 


I will refer to an Ideal Client as an ICA which = Ideal Client Avatar.

An Ideal Client Avatar is fictional character that represents your ideal prospect. Sometimes called Dream Clients or Perfect Clients. They all mean the same thing - a made up picture of someone you want to do business with.

When you have a very clear picture of the exact person, it makes your life as an entrepreneur a lot easier. Here's how:

1) You can find her much more easily. 

You know where she hangs out. This not only saves you time but MONEY because you can advertise knowing that your ideal client will actually SEE it.

Example 1: I helped a Personal Stylist client to write a post for her ICA and we boosted in on Facebook. Within less than 24hours she had a paid client!!! Woohoo!!

Example 2: I helped another Personal Stylists to create a post about her Facebook group and boost it only to her ICA. Within 24 hours she had 44 women request to join her group - all her ICAs!

Example 3: I helped a client (another coach) to write a post about her new program/service. She put it in ONE Facebook group (filled with her ICAs) and had EIGHTEEN women respond to her and booked NINE Discovery Calls!

This works whether you're marketing yourself for free or paying for advertising - knowing your ICA means you know where to position yourself. 

2) You can do effective market research. 

This means you can ask her questions to find out exactly what she wants and why. The more you know the easier it is to create a service and program that she will actually PAY for. It's very important to not just assume you know what people want - if you want to make good money in your business then you have to solve people's problems. To do that you need to make sure you are focussing specifically on their main problem. Don't know what that is? Ask them.

3) You can write copy with ease. 

You know her 'problem', you know why you're her solution and can confidently communicate how YOU can help her and what she'll get out of working with you. This means you can write a sales/services page that talks directly to her and explain why you are the answer she's been looking for.

4) You can charge what you're worth. 

She's your ICA which means YOU are her IDEAL solution. You were born to work together and therefore you'll BOTH feel confident that you can help her and SHE knows you're the perfect person to do so. So you'll feel more confident charging what you're worth and (more importantly) SHE'LL see that value and will happily pay your fee. 

Example: One of my clients DOUBLED her prices, got in front of her ICA and within 1 week had 3 ideal clients happy to pay her new prices. 

5) Creating content is easy. 

You know your ICA through and through so you know what she wants to hear about. This makes writing newsletters, blog posts, social media posts and your lead magnet quicker, easier and more fun. No more scratching your head over what to post. 

6) You spend more time doing what you LOVE

You created this business because you wanted to get paid to do what you LOVE. When you know your ICA, you get to spend more of your time working with people you LOVE. Creating an Ideal Client Avatar is not just important for marketing your business but to ensure that you don't spend years building your business targeting people who aren't your best fit. 

7) You have more fun!! 

I often get messages from 1:1 clients saying their business no longer feels like 'work' because they feel so aligned with what they are doing now and who they are serving.

8) You'll be more confident selling yourself

When you know who your ICA is then you will be able to clearly see how you can help her. You'll know her pain-points and why YOU are the solution. You'll no longer see yourself as trying to sell a service but that you are exactly the help she needs. Trust me - this makes offering your services (and products) feel much more exciting and takes away any icky-ness you may feel about 'selling'. You're serving. You're helping. And your business becomes about them and not you. 

9) What you seek is seeking you.

It's much easier to use the Law of Attraction to bring in your ICA when you know who she is!! Just like if you were trying to attract your dream partner. I know, if you're in my community, you too believe in the power of asking for what you want. Ask & Receive. Well, you can't receive if you're asking in a vague way. Be specific. Tell The Universe exactly what sort of person you're looking for. It works for attracting your dream man so it will work for attracting dream clients too. 

Many of my clients have used The Law of Attraction to bring in many wonderful clients. Of course I always recommend you have all of your systems and structures in place so your ICA knows she's landed in the right place when she finds you but don't underestimate the power of asking The Universe. 

More blog posts are coming this week on how to define your ICA.

Tell me in the comments below, do you know who your ICA is? If so, how has that changed the way you run your business? 

Emma xx