12 Sneaky Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem

Last week, I talked about social anxiety, what it is and some of the ways it affects people.

But low self-esteem doesn't just have to present itself as a fear of interacting with people. It has some other sneaky symptoms.

And if you've been suffering with a lack of confidence for many years then you've probably become totally used to them.

Like these:

1. You criticise yourself all the time.
2. You look in the mirror and dislike what you see.
3. You apologise profusely.
4. You doubt your ability at work.
5. You put yourself down in front of others.
6. You allow others to put you down.
7. You avoid doing things in case you're not any good at them.
8. You worry all the time.
9. You feel stuck in a rut.
10. You feel disconnected from yourself.
11. Your life feels rather dull.
12. You have no idea what you really want to be, do or have in life.

Yep. Been there! I ticked all the boxes.

But I've transformed my confidence and my love for life (and myself!).

I want to help you do the same.

The work I do is so powerful and quick...if you put in the work too.

And the 'work' isn't difficult but it's not easy either. You have to be committed to change.

The first step is realising that it IS possible to feel confident, love who you are, do work that feeds your heart and soul (read: excites the hell out of you) and actually thrive rather than feeling like you're just existing.

I can help you with coaching. Like I helped these clients in as little as just SIX sessions:

“The sessions I had with Emma were so much more than I hoped for. I'd given up smoking, gained a stone, started a new business and lost my zest for life. Everything felt very flat and grey. I have always been very self-critical and felt that tackling that would be a good place to start. From the start Emma seemed to know, intuitively, where to focus our sessions and I trusted her completely. Although dealing with highly emotional subjects, the sessions were fun and proactive. I feel as if some major shifts have occurred after just 6 weeks of seeing her and I feel as if I have found my mojo again! (not to mention a new career!) I cannot recommend her highly enough. (Rowena after 6 sessions)


"I used to lack confidence and self-belief. I suffered from panic attacks and it felt like a never-ending black hole. I didn’t want to see my friends as I felt like I had nothing positive to contribute, my spare time was spent worrying about work, when my mum asked me where her daughter had gone, I knew I needed help – that’s when I turned to Emma. f someone had told me this would have been my life 2 years ago – I would have laughed at them. Positive thinking, clarity, self-belief and the courage to follow your dreams really will get you to where you want to be. I now take away from my past how strong I was when I never believed it possible, how brave I was to stand up and make a change. I could never have done this alone, without Emma Ward I would probably still be sat living to work instead of where I am now – loving my life! Thank you Emma!!" (Lisa Cobbett after 6 sessions)


"To look back at the person I was at our first session is honesty shocking and I am full of gratitude for the skills she has taught me to love myself, trust myself and feel proud of myself. Without even realising, my confidence, in both my personal life and work life, developed and I am feeling much happier. With every week and every exercise that she took me through, a sliver of the real ‘me’ emerged from shadows and I now have tools to use every day, which I frequently do, to keep me and my energy in a forward, positive direction. I now appreciate myself and acknowledge that there are many things that I can look forward to in life. I cannot thank you enough, Emma!" (Kate after 6 sessions!)

Will YOU be my next success story sharing how much more confident you feel, how much fun you're having and how much you're loving life again?

Let's make that happen.

I can do that in as little as SIX sessions.

PM me or send an email to emma@emma-ward.com to arrange a complimentary call to find out more.

Emma xx
P.S. Interested in what coaching is and how it differs from therapy? My clients get results in a matter of weeks. Let's talk.