1. Add a link to your landing page in your business email signature. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 15.11.04.png

2. Encourage subscriber to share and forward your MailChimp (or similar) emails. At the bottom of your emails, include a subscribe CTA to make opt-in easy. 

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3. Add the link to your landing page to the 'Sign Up' button to the top of FB business page. 

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4. Add a link to your landing page in the caption of your BUSINESS Facebook cover photos. 

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5. Create a Pinnable post in canva and then add to Pinterest using keywords your ICA would search for. 

6. Add link to your landing page on LinkTree (Instagram and Facebook now)

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7. Regularly share a link to your landing page with then benefits clearly stated, in social media posts on your Facebook business page (with a direct link) and at least weekly on Instagram (telling them to click the link in your bio). 

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8) Add a sign-up bar it to the homepage of your website and your About Page. 

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9) Create blog posts and then add a subscribe button at the end. 

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10) WRITE Guest blog POSTS for other websites and make the call-to-action a link to your landing page. 

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11) Collect email addresses at your talks.

12) Collect email addresses at networking events. 

I can't say I go to a lot of these anymore because I get my clients online now. But I went to them regularly as a stylist because you need to be known locally.

13) Run a Facebook and/or Instagram advert.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 15.43.20.png

14) Join Venture - find someone who has a similar list size and similar target market and collaborate.

Create something people will need to sign-up to with their email address and both send details of it to your list. Because this is a joint venture you can both collect those email addresses - just be GDPR compliant and make that clear! I haven't done a lot of this recently but I did do it as a stylist. Ticket events with different businesses works well. 

15) Be part of a summit (rather than hosting one - that's a LOT of work!).

People will want you to have quite a large list to begin with though so that's why this one is at the bottom. 


You want people to have time to search your website. I don’t know about you but I get pissed off if a box pops up straight away and, unless it’s a site I know I want to be on, will often just leave the website completely! So give users some time before bombarding them with a popup …just like you would if they came into your shop!

The idea of a delayed popup is to wait and see if the user will stay on the page or not. If the user stays on the page for some time, this generally means he or she is interested in the contents, so if you show a popup on a related topic, the browser will more likely be interested and actually sign-up.

17) Add the link on your business cards.

I haven’t done this but I have seen people who have.

My tip would be to keep this one a generic url so you can change it without worrying about having to change your cards because you updated your opt-in e.g. www.emma-ward.com/freebies


For people to enter, they have to sign up to your freebie. Make sure the competition is for something linked to either your services or something linked to what you do. There’s no point filling your list with people who are only on it to win that iPad. They’ll just unsubscribe anyway.


As with #11, you can share your free gift when networking whether that’s at a networking meeting (take your iPad so they can sign up there and then) or when speaking to people you know (or strangers!) about your business. That’s why having a generic url with your opt-in on is a good idea e.g. www.emma-ward.com/freebies. This would be in addition to having one that is relevant to your lead magnet.


Add your generic freebie url to your invoices. Not all clients are on your list and you want them to be (you can’t just add them without their permission!). You want to sell to current clients - people who have bought from you once are a very WARM audience so they need to be getting your sales emails.


if you sell products as well as services then you can again add your generic url to your freebie page and a sentence with why they should sign up. Maybe give them 10% off if they’re on your list? Think outside the box and then add it inside the box ;-)