I now know the power of doing the crucial MINDSET work! 

When I turned 30 I was chronically ill; in a relationship with a man I didn’t trust; my business was a flop; I was broke and living at home with my parents. NOT WHAT I HAD ENVISIONED FOR MY LIFE! 

ON MY 30th BIRTHDAY, I was so depressed I didn't get out of bed until 3pm!

Not long after, I realised the truth: I was the one holding myself back in every area of life. Enough was enough.  I was determined that I would not waste another second of my precious life. I had bought tonnes of self-help books and now it was time to put them into practice. I needed to release my inner b!tch (my 'Self-Bully' as I have since coined it). I needed to take ACTION.

I hired a coach. I trained in EFT/Tapping. I studied and then practised every different technique I had read. I was a woman possessed. Possessed to claim back her life.

And guess what? It WORKED! 

I shifted my MINDSET from negative to positive.

  • I connected with my Authentic Self (I embrace my uniqueness).
  • I said no to toxic relationships.
  • I am in a loving relationship with the most wonderful man (he even helped me create this site!).
  • I transformed my Self-Bully into a loving inner-voice.
  • I listen to and take care of my needs (lots of self-care and quality ME time).
  • I enjoy my own company (I travelled to Paris for a business conference and spend 2 days sight seeing alone).
  • I took my Image Consultancy business to a whole new level of success (read about that here).
  • now get out there and try new things (including drumming lessons and tap classes).
  • I am happier than ever (friends and family have said I have my sparkle back).
  • run a coaching business that lights me up - it really is my dream career!
  • I can honestly say that I do what I love and I love who I am.

If I can do this then SO CAN YOU, my love! 

And I want to help you get to this level of confidence in just 90 days!