It's time to go on a real yourself!

The more you do it the less uncomfortable it feels and then you will begin to LOVE your Self-Dates. Try it for yourself and see. 


  • Art date. Make this as simple as you like. Get a colouring book, start finger painting or knitting. Make jewellery or take your watercolours to a lake and bring out your inner Monet. 

  • A long drive. Take yourself off for a long drive exploring country roads you didn’t know existed Make sure you have your favourite music playlist or just enjoy the scenery. Take a never know what tranquil spot you might find.

  • People watch. Take yourself to a coffee shop or hotel, order your     favourite beverage and take in the surroundings.

  • Have a bake off. Crank the music and oven up and bake yourself some deliciously healthy treats.

  • Scrap it. Dust off your old photos and make that scrapbook you have always wanted.

  • Local produce. Go to a farmer’s market, a local market or pick-your-own farm.

  • Take yourself dancing.  Go to that salsa, Zumba, ballet or tap class that caught your eye.

  • Snap shot.  Take your camera (or phone) to a beauty spot and get snapping.

  • Have a photo-shoot. Choose your favourite outfits, turn up and let them do your hair and make-up. The expense goes up depending how many prints you buy of course.   

  • Explore a city. Whether it is capital city or even your own, the idea is to see the city with fresh eyes.  Visit the local tourism office and see what it has to offer that you weren’t even aware of.

  • Watch a matinee. You could go to the cinema on your own too. However, watching a matinee is something you can tie in with exploring a city because the best shows are usually in better locations. How about watching Wicked, Dirty Dancing or Chicago?

  • Night away at nice hotel. Book yourself into a luxury hotel. Use the facilities, order room service, watch a movie, read magazines, enjoy the huge bed all to yourself.

  • Pamper. Go to a spa resort for a weekend or, if your budget can stretch to it, a week.

  • Channel your Pretty Woman. Hire a personal stylist and buy a new wardrobe.  WARNING: do not do this on a whim; you will regret it and waste lots of money. Instead, make sure you get clear on the style you want, take time to create a Pinterest board of the styles, colour and   accessories you want.  Ensure your stylist really gets the look you’re after; show her your board, if she isn’t almost as excited as you are about it then find someone else!

  • Volunteer

  • Visit a pet store

  • Bike ride

  • Pack a picnic