Rest Your Body

  • Go to bed early

  • Breathe deeply

  • Take a nap

  • Have a duvet day

  • Wake up naturally–without an alarm clock

  • Sleep in the pitch black

  • Turn off all devices at night

Nourish Your Body

  • Be fully present when you eat

  • Eat clean and green

  • Cook from scratch

  • Take a multi-vitamin

  • Drink fresh juices/smoothies

  • Eat when you feel like it–not by the clock

  • Buy something delicious from a farmer's market

  • Drink 2 litres of water daily

Connect With Nature

  • Walk bare foot in the grass

  • Go for a picnic

  • Sit outside and watch the clouds go by

  • Go to the beach

  • Swim in the ocean

  • Listen to running water

Gently Move Your Body

  • Stretch

  • Go to a yoga class

  • Rebalance with pilates

  • Swim

  • Dance

  • Go for a gentle bike ride

  • Go to a spa for the day

  • Walk in beautiful surroundings

Pamper Your Body

  • Have a massage

  • Get a new hair cut and/or colour

  • Have a manicure and pedicure

  • Take a hot shower

  • Put on a home-made face mask

  • Slather on gorgeous body lotion

  • Soak in the bath with soft music and candles

  • Body brush


  • Journal your thoughts. First thing in the morning is the best time to catch what your Subconscious Mind is really thinking.

  • Speak into a Dictaphone (or similar app on your phone) about something that is bothering you, speak freely then listen back. You might be surprised by what you hear!

  • Eat foods that increase brain power – protein, essential fats.

  • Eat to stabilise your blood sugar – we all know how fuzzy we feel when our blood sugar takes a dip. Keep your brain charged up.
  • Meditation

  • Colour

  • Complete a brain exercise such as Sudoku

  • Learning a language

  • Listen to relaxing music

  • Read inspirational books

  • Unplug from electronic life for a bit



  • Forgive yourself
  • Forgive others

  • Sort out your finances
  • Cry when you need to

  • Forgive yourself

  • Laugh more

  • Get rid of clothes that no longer fit

  • Declutter

  • Write in your Gratitude Journal

  • Write your feelings down and then burn them

  • Cuddle with a pet

  • Asking for what you need

  • Getting help around the house

  • Plan a holiday

  • Create a comfortable home

  • Play an instrument

  • Listen to a podcast

  • Watch a TED talk

  • Bake or cook

  • Starting a DIY project

  • Do work you love - apply for a new job, promotion or start a business

  • Take up a new hobby

  • Hire a coach



And these last 3, we'll develop in Modules 3-6:

  • Nurture yourself as you would your beloved child

  • Focus on what makes you happy

  • Don't postpone joy

If you think of any more then let me know and I can add them to the list. Remember this is SELF-CARE for your BODY, MIND and SOUL. Anything that enables you to feel rested, nourished, love and soothed. 

Emma xx