Languages of Love Example Acts


Once you've done the quiz and know your primary Language of Love, it's time to start 'speaking' to yourself in that way. Here are some examples.



Words of Affirmation

  • Say your affirmations to yourself when you wake up

  • Write a love letter to yourself—list all your qualities

  • Send yourself your love letter (or post card)

  • Write down 10 things you’re grateful to your body for
  • Read gorgeous poetry, or better still, write a poem to yourself

  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you appreciate yourself

  • Write a message a loving message to yourself on your mirror in lipstick

  • Record yourself saying something loving to yourself and listen to it



Acts of Service

  • Say yes if someone offers to help you

  • Delete or delegate as many things as you can

  • Pay someone to iron your clothes

  • Have your car washed

  • Hire a cleaner

  • Hire a coach

  • Hire a personal trainer

  • Hire an assistant (you can even get virtual ones to help you in your business

  • Hire a child-minder

  • Hire a chef

  • Get your shopping delivered

  • Ask for help and allow yourself to receive it

  • Remind yourself that you DON'T HAVE TO DO IT ALL YOURSELF



Receiving Gifts Examples

  • Buy yourself your favourite flowers (better still, have them delivered) 

  • Save up and buy a gorgeous ring, necklace or bracelet and every time you look at it, let it remind you that you love who you are!

  • Buy yourself gorgeous bath products
  • Buy yourself beautiful stationery

  • Make sure you send yourself that love letter so you receive it in the post

  • Buy the best quality food you can afford

  • Take yourself off to your favourite coffee shop and have that cupcake

  • Bake yourself a cake or cookies – heart shaped of course!

  • Book yourself into a Spa

  • Treat yourself to something you have had your eye on. Get it gift wrapped.

  • Make yourself breakfast in bed

  • Buy yourself new bedding

  • Buy new pillows

  • Buy (and wear) gorgeous new underwear



Physical Touch Examples


  • Slather on gorgeous body lotion—be present and slow

  • Get a pedicure 

  • Get a manicure

  • Dance to your favourite music and feel your body move

  • Give yourself a massage

  • Book a massage.

  • Wear cashmere or silk

  • Wear gorgeous underwear

  • Book to have your hair done

  • Have a gorgeous bath with bubbles, champagne, candles and music. Feel the water all around you. Heavenly!

  • Hug yourself!! Why not?



Quality Time Examples


  • Listen to your body’s needs - stop when tells you!

  • Write in a journal - allow your feelings out

  • Be mindful when you eat

  • Be mindful 

  • Spend time in beautiful places

  • Make sure you take a lunch break (even if it's only sort)

  • Spend time in nature

  • Unplug 

  • Meditate

  • Date Yourself...(click here for examples of Self-Dates)