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Consistency is key to success in anything and definitely in running a business.

You asked and I’m answering. Being consistent came 2nd to top when I asked you what you struggle with in your business. 

So, I wanted to share my top tips for being consistent.


Before you jump in headfirst into a social media plan or sending your newsletters, I want you to be realistic with how much time you actually have.

You know I hate the word REALISTIC. So let's change it to FAIR. Be FAIR on yourself.

Don't do what - we all do! - when you want to start a new workout routine and we tell ourselves we're going to go to the gym 1hr every day and cut back on calories. We all know that trying to go from 0 to 100 won't work or last.

It's the same with being consistent. Consistent = acting in the same way over time.


Consistency does NOT have to mean posting 4 times a day, 7 days a week on every social media platform, blogging 5 days a week and saying you'll send 3 emails a week to your list. In fact, that's setting yourself up to fail.

Consistent just means doing the SAME thing. It means showing up in the same way.

Look at your week and ask yourself what's realistic/fair for you. Is trying to blog 5 times a week going to send you into a spin? Then aim for once a week but be CONSISTENT. Choose a day and stick to it!

Will you be posting every day on social media? Which platforms? Or will you post just 3 times a week. Will you be posting Saturday and Sunday or just during the week?

I run my business full-time so I show up a lot more than I did when I was teaching 4 days a week.

The trick is making a plan and sticking to it.

If you're trying to go from occasional posting to every day then ease yourself into it. Just like you would a new workout routine. Set goals that excite you not scare and overwhelm you.


Once you've decided on your plan make sure you stick to it.

Building a business is about building a relationship and people like to know where they stand.

That's why it's better to aim for 2 times a week than say 7 and only manage 3.

Don't be that person who bombards your Facebook feed with 17 posts in quick succession because you've found some great content and then drops off the face of the planet for a bit.

If you say you'll blog every Thursday and send an email out every Tuesday then make sure you do. If you want to post at least once a day on social media then set yourself an alarm to remind yourself.

Consistency is about habit building for you AND your audience. Let them get into the habit of looking out for your content because they know they can trust it will be there. 

SHOW your community with your actions WHAT they can expect from you and WHEN to expect it.


Oftentimes, where we aren't being consistent, it’s because we're aren’t excited enough about the results.

I did a juice diet last January and it felt tough. I felt sorry for myself pretty much 24/7 for those 3 weeks. I kept thinking about everything I was missing out on (bread, pasta and even chewing!!)

I did one again in July and it was sooooo much easier and actually fun.

What was the difference?

I had a photoshoot booked in August so I was very clear about WHY I was doing the juice diet. It was no longer about the 5 juices a day, it was about the results I wanted to see in the photos.

(Here are some behind the scene shots)

I kept dreaming about how I would feel getting the shots back from my photographer. This spurred me on and made sticking to my juice diet much easier.

This is the same in business.

If you aren’t being consistent then it could be because you aren’t exciting yourself enough with the results you want.

Go back to your WHY. It’s not JUST to make a difference to your clients. There will be a deeper reason. Is it for your family – to build a different lifestyle? What does that look like? Is it to be a leader in your industry and make an impact? What does that look like?

Why are you doing this? Why did you start this business? Paint that picture very clearly in your mind. Add it to your vision board.


This will fuel your motivation and help keep you consistently consistent.


In other words: Choose your favourite platform and medium. 

You do NOT have to be everywhere and 'do all the things'.

Don't like Twitter? Then scrap it and focus on Instagram. 

Hate writing? Then do videos or start a podcast. 


One of the biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs making is trying to be everything and everywhere

Now don't get me wrong, as your business grows I think it's good to be seen on more platforms. 

But to begin with pick 2 social media platforms you love (and know your Ideal Clients will actually be on) and focus your effort on those. 

And it's not just important to be seen on social media. After all, Mark Zuckerberg owns your followers’ details, not you! If he decides to pull the plug then your followers would disappear in a puff of get collecting people's email addresses pronto!

We want to bring your personality out and so if you shine on camera rather than through writing - show up on there. Get yourself on YouTube, go live on Facebook, do Vlogs, send videos out as your newsletter. 

If you've loved writing since you were 12 years old then spend your time building up a bank of amazing articles for your blog. Get yourself featured on large publications, magazines and newspapers. Go and find other people who work with the same target audience (but offer different services to you!) to guest blog for.

One of the greatest consistency killers is having to do things that just don't come naturally to us. 

Remind yourself of what does come naturally to you (and you enjoy!) and do that over and over again. Allow yourself to shine.


So you've created a plan and you're excited to stick to it. Yay!

Make life easier for yourself - batch your work.

Batching = focus on one task until it’s completed, and everything related to it is also completed.

Meaning turn off all distractions and write out the content for your social media posts for the next week. 

Or book a day (or an afternoon) where you write your next few of emails so you're not staring at a blank screen. Yes, you'll need to proofread them before you hit send but the bulk of the work will be done. 

Trust me, it's a lot easier to be consistent when you're not scratching your head with what to write about each day. 

Use a scheduler like Buffer or Hootsuite if you have a 9-5 and want to make sure you're still posting throughout the day. 

Not sure where to start with content planning? Click below to listen to my podcast:


I'm a bit of a workaholic (okay, a lot of one!) so I have to remind myself of this one too!!

Don't be a crappy yourself.

You started this business to create more freedom, excitement and to love what you do.

I want you to be strict with yourself and set clear goals but don't be a jerk about it. 

Don't beat yourself up. If you get ill, miss a post or you aren't ready to hit publish then show yourself some grace. 

Your business isn't going to end. Your followers are not going to unsubscribe because you miss the odd deadline. 

Be kind to yourself. If you're on a diet and eat a packet of biscuits the worst thing you can do it give up and order a pizza because you 'messed up'. 

I want your business to fit around your life, not the other way around, so show yourself some compassion if (and when) life takes over. 

And then get back on it tomorrow. 

So there you have it - my top 6 tips on how to be more consistent. 

We've covered so much in this post. I'd love to know more about YOU. 

Tell me the answer to one (or all) of these questions:

  • What is your #1 favourite social media platform?
  • How often will you post? How often will you email your list?
  • What's your reason for all of this? WHY did you start your business?
  •  What will you do to stick to your plan of content creation? Have you been fair on yourself? Have you set a realistic goal that excites you?
  • How do you prefer to show up? Writing, videos or audio?

Emma xx






7 Ways Loving Yourself More Will Increase Your Business


Running a business can be stressful enough. Add to that a partner, children and family. Plus, you may have a 9-5 too or if you're full-time self-employed you may have found yourself in the feast or famine cycle. Even if you have consistent clients and money each month, then there’s social media, marketing and creating new, fresh content.

We can end up spinning in our wheels. I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer. Far from it.

I want you to take a deep breath, put the kettle on and switch everything else off as you read the rest of this…

Self-Love = Success

And I’m not just talking soaks in the baths and early nights (although I do highly recommend them).

I’m talking about building a strong relationship with YOURSELF. 

Unless you’re bringing in a lot of automated passive income, your business needs YOU.

And one of the best ways to ensure you (and your business) remain healthy, consistent and on top form is to invest time in YOURSELF. 

I know, I know. You’re wondering how the hell you’ll fit all that into your schedule too. But hear me out.

Self-Love means you:

1) Put yourself (and your business!) first regularly. 

Rather than bottom of the pile. 

Even the airlines tell us, we have to put our own oxygen mask on first. When we practise self-love putting ourselves first becomes easier. You’ll start to see that putting your own needs before your partner, children, parents actually serves them better in the long-run. 

Okay, I’m not talking ALL the time or neglecting your kids. I just mean that you make it clear that you and your business have needs as well. After all, your business’ success may well be the family ticket to financial freedom. You’ll be able to send your kids to the best schools, pay for incredible holidays and experiences together and even enable your partner to retire early. This doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly won’t happen if you always drop everything and rush to their needs. 

Do what you need to do. Hire a cleaner. Hire a babysitter. Get a nanny one day a week. Explain to your partner what your BIG vision is and that you'll be unavailable. Create a space for you to work with the least distraction possible. 

And don’t just work! Self-care for you and your business means having time to switch off too.

2) Allow yourself to dream BIG!

When you practise self-love it means you simultaneously build your self-belief and confidence muscles. They go hand in hand and act like a team. 

Self-love enables you to not just KNOW that your business dreams are possible but you’ll actually take strides to make them happen!

3) Set clear boundaries & speak up

Following on from the last two points: make sure when you say yes you aren’t saying no to yourself. 

Don’t feel you have to take on extra work or clients that are less than ideal. The more you do this, the less you’ll have time and space for your YESES and your dream clients. 

Keep practising saying what you mean. Let your yeses be yeses and nos be nos. 

As one of my coaches always says: "If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no!"

Ask yourself: is this in alignment with my dream lifestyle and business vision?

4) Make better business decisions

The more we practise self-love the more we're drawn to doing things that give us headspace. The more you do this the more creative you’ll be. The more amazing ideas you’ll get to serve your clients and bring in income. 

When we have a strong relationship with ourselves we listen to our gut instinct. We are less likely to do things just because others in our industry are. We become more authentic. We allow ourselves to be guided by what’s true to us. 

And that means you…

5) Stand out in your industry

The more you practise self-love the more you accept and embrace all your quirks and what makes you unique. This means you'll happily show up in a way that shows you're different to everyone else and you will stand out. 

You'll create a brand that is a true reflection of YOU. It sounds simple but honestly - allowing yourself to choose the colours, styles, clothes, fonts, website, images that reflect YOU is a game changer in business. You will shine like a lighthouse to your ideal clients. 

It becomes easier to create content too because you’re being YOU and you know your message.

6) Understand that you’re not for everyone

You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.
— Dita Von Teese

There will always be someone (either a stranger trolling online or even a so-called friend) who'll make a comment about you and your business. 

The more self-love you have, the less this will knock you. You’ll grow a thicker skin and any comments will just be like water off a duck’s back. 

Consequently, putting yourself out there on social media won’t feel as scary because you know you’re coming from a place of service and if some people don’t get it, that’s just them.

7) Make time for your health and life-balance

Self-love means you won’t spend every waking hour working. It means you’ll be more compassionate with yourself. You’re not a robot! Don’t expect yourself to be.

If you get no sleep, eat at your desk and don’t get any exercise and fresh are (not to mention fun!) this will not serve you or your business in any way. 

The more you practise self-love the more you’ll start to take better care of yourself. It will become a habit. 

And remember: self-love means you’ll want to do more of what you LOVE which will include spending quality time with your loved one. 

See – I told you this was a win-win for your children, partner, family and friends!

So next time you find yourself burning the candle at both ends, stop and ask yourself what YOU want and need and then give it to yourself guilt-free. 

Tomorrow I’ll be back with over 20 ways you can easily bring Self-Love into your life.

Emma xx







We've all done it, right...

  • You get an invite to a wedding 6 months beforehand yet you're still finishing curling your hair 10 minutes before you need to leave for the church. 


  • You have all week to complete a task but waited until 3:30pm on the Friday - but you still get it done!

These are examples of Parkinson's Law

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.
— Parkinson's Law

So what do we need? DEADLINES.

And that’s okay when someone has a boss breathing down their neck in a 9-5 but what if you're your own boss??

In the podcast today, I shared 5 ways you can cleverly utilise this powerful 'Law' and get more stuff done in a lot less time. 

Please note: if it doesn't play immediately, give it a couple of seconds...

Tell me below what sort of things you do to set clear deadlines in your business.

Emma xx


Map Out a Year's Worth of Content Ideas in a Day (PODCAST)


Map Out a Year's Worth of Content Ideas in a Day (PODCAST)


Today I'm excited to share my method for mapping out a YEAR of content ideas in a day. Now when I say that, I'm not saying I WRITE the entire year's worth but I map it out. 

This means I'm never having to face a blank screen and flashing cursor or wonder what the heck to post about on social media that week. 

It also means there is a PURPOSE behind my content which means more direction and my followers actually understand what is is that I do and how I can help them.  

I'm going to walk your through the exact process I used here:

Please note: if it doesn't play immediately, give it a couple of seconds...

Add your name and email below if you'd like the excel spreadsheet and monthly and weekly planning sheets I use. These took me a couple of hours to make so save yourself the time and just download them for FREE.

How to Map a Year's Worth of Content

Leave a comment below to tell me your top takeaway from this episode.

Emma xx


How to Get More Done in Less Time


How to Get More Done in Less Time


We’ve all done this: you decide to tidy your living-room and take the coffee cups ☕️ to the kitchen; then you empty the dishwasher and wipe the surfaces; you decide to wash the dishcloth and realise the machine is full of dry clothes 👖that need putting away; you put the towels away and spot the hoover; you vacuum the whole house and so on and so forth…

At all times you’re very busy but you're not actually doing the ONE thing you set out to do – tidy the living room.

That’s the same with our business – how many times have you caught yourself with 14 tabs open on your browser and realise you’re multi-tasking? 

Multi-tasking robs you of productivity.

This was the way I functioned for a very long time. Multi-tasking everything.

That’s what women do, right?

Wrong. Men have got it right here, ladies.

I know I’m grossly generalising here - that’s only to bring home the point...

We aren’t serving ourselves or others when we try to do 15 things at once.

Here’s a fact that will stop you in your tracks...

Did you know - it takes THIRTEEN minutes for our brains to get refocused on what we were doing before we get distracted by something else.  😵

Think about how many lots of 13 minutes we can waste every day not to mention how draining this is for our brain.

In my video today, I shared 3 things you can do to get more done in less time:

1) Switch off all distractions – turn your phone on airplane mode.

2) Set a timer – this keep you aware and focussing on the ONE task at hand.

3) Batch jobs – do similar things at the same time.

Tell us in the comments, what do you do to keep focussed on one thing at a time?

Emma xx


How to Get Things Done in your Business When You Have a 9-5/Kids/Busy Life


How to Get Things Done in your Business When You Have a 9-5/Kids/Busy Life


1) The most simple answer is: make sure you prioritise it.

It’s too easy to get home at the end of the day, exhausted and throw on your pjs and binge watch Netflix. Yep! Been there when I was teaching and trying to set up my business.

Look at the overall aim of why you want your business. What are your aims in 10 years? 5 years? 1 year? When we do this is helps to prioritise. We need to see WHY we are putting in the effort especially in the beginning when it feels like nothing’s really happening day to day.

2) Don’t underestimate the power of doing small things often.

Missing the odd social media/blog/newsletter here or there doesn’t seem like the end of the world when we have so much to keep on top of.

And when you aren’t getting the engagement you wanted on the posts/email it can feel even more tempting not to bother (Yep! Been there too!)

But the compound effect of doing this regularly WILL affect your business.

Do you know that if you saved a penny, and doubled the amount every day, by the end of just one month you’d have over FIVE million pounds?!?

What would this compound effect look like in your business if you did even just one small thing each day?

I created a video about this (and shared one of my favourite books) today. Click the image below to watch

What small thing do you do on a consistent basis that has given you BIG results in your business/life?

Emma xx