And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
— - Anaïs Nin

3-Part Training Series to


Had enough of the RELENTLESS WORKLOAD and increasing PRESSURE? Wish you knew what else you wanted to do?


Does your job enable you to live a life full of ENERGY, PASSION and JOY? If not, then this FREE TRAINING SERIES is created to help you discover what will.


Let me show you my tried and tested techniques for getting the CONNECTION, CLARITY and CONFIDENCE to create your dream career.


I explain how I went from an ill, stressed and exhausted full-time primary teacher to creating my dream career as a coach. I now live with more energy, passion and purpose than I ever thought possible.


And I want to show you how YOU can do the same!


Scroll down to the 3 audios where I teach you the steps to gaining the connection, clarity and confidence to CREATE YOUR DREAM CAREER and escape the classroom/office. 

•           Drop the relentless workload and increasing pressure

•           Feel like you're making a real difference in the world doing something you love

•           Feel excited to wake up in the morning

·         Feel passion like you did when you first started your day job

·         You have your sparkle back!


·         Reconnect with your passion for life

·         Reconnect with your creativity

·         Reconnect with your authentic self


·         Clarity on what you would love to do: what "work" feels like play

·         Clarity on your deepest desires

·         Clarity to combine your passions, personality and strengths


·         Confidence to dream bigger than ever

·         Confidence to the ACTION steps required

·         Confidence to make your dream career a reality