I coach women who feel frustrated that they’re not living their best life. Women who know they are meant for more but they are playing it small in their personal life, business or both. They are holding themselves back by their own self-doubt, insecurity and inner-bully.

They are their own worst enemy!

I teach them strategies to release their Self-Bully and coach them to gain the CONFIDENCE to do whatever they want to do: whether that is start a new relationship; uplevel their business; see the world or take up a new hobby. Simply put: I empower them to get more out of LIFE.   

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re stuck in the starting blocks then you’re in the right place...


I know what it feels like to have zero confidence.

I got bullied as a teenager. I was told that I was: fat, ugly and stupid. I believed it and wore all three titles. The day I left school I was elated - I thought I would be FREE. I couldn't have been more wrong...

I may have left the bullies behind but instead I continued to bully myself on a daily basis by telling myself that I wasn’t good enough, attractive enough and more. I hated what looked back at me in the mirror and photos. I felt drab, unseen and forgettable.

This cripplingly low self-esteem impacted all areas of my life: relationships, work and then my business.

I know the frustration you feel for not just DOING IT ALREADY whether in your business or personal life .

In 2007 I started a business as an Image Consultant (I know, crazy right, for someone who disliked their IMAGE!!?) and although I was passionate about what I was doing, I simply didn’t believe in myself. I lacked the confidence required to get myself out there. In business you have to be ‘in it to win it’ but I wasn’t in it and I certainly wasn’t winning! Even if I took one step forwards, I would quickly do something else to SELF-SABOTAGE. However I much I wanted to succeed, it felt like I had put the brakes on.