Colour Confidence The Ultimate Christmas Gift

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The Benefits of a colour consultation

  • You'll Look and feel more confident
  • Your skin  will look healthier and more vibrant
  • You'll look younger with fewer wrinkles and dark circles
  • Your eyes will look brighter
  • It brings out the shine in your hair
  • It's a real confidence boost – expect to get compliments!
  • Lift your mood through colour whenever you choose
  • Less stress: take the guess work out of which colour to choose
  • Save time: shopping will become easier, the choice of colours becomes second nature
  • Save money: no more items hanging in the wardrobe with their label still on because "there's just something not quite right about it"

what you get

In-depth understanding of which colours are most flattering to you!
Advice on where to shop for their best colours
A Colour Swatch Wallet (personalised especially for them)!

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