If you use Mailchimp, then this is how to set up the MailChimp app to collect email addresses whilst you're offline. So it's perfect for events or visiting clients.

Gone are the days where you can (or even need to) put out a sign-up list for people to add their name and email addresses. However, speaking at an event (whatever the size) is the perfect place to get ICAs onto your email list. 

If you have a iPad (or can borrow on) then this is what I recommend you do. 

1) Download the MailChimp Subscribe app - this one.

2) Sign in with your username and password.


3) Click the + 

Select the 'List' you directed your sales funnel to. 


5) Colour

Add your brand colour HEX code.


7) Click SHOW

to see what it looks like. 


4) Click EDIT

You can change all the text here. Make sure it's GDPR compliant*.


6) Click the cog

If your wording is GDPR compliant, you can select 'Single opt-in'.



Make sure it works. Add a name and email address that isn't already on your list. 

9) If it works then you're good to go! I take an iPad stand so it becomes part of my 'display' on stage. This will also remind you to tell people to sign up. Do this at the end as your last CTA.

10) Keep your iPad somewhere safe!! It sounds obvious but your mind won't be on your tablet - it will be on delivering a good speech. Have it next to you or ask someone to be in charge of it. If it was a closed venue (meaning one room rather than at a school fete so similar) then I would just pass it round at the end. Make sure you tell people what they get for signing up! Don't just say it's a newsletter!! 

11) Once you get home, make sure your iPad is connected to the internet and then it may do it automatically but if not you click on the + again and select 'Sync All.' 

Done. Congratulations on your growing email list of women who are excited to hear from you and BUY from you.


*To be GDPR compliant they need to know you will be emailing them regularly (they don't just get your free resource and nothing else) and that you will be sending the occasional promotional email. You can tell them this too - say something like you will share when you have different offers on and anyone on your list will find out first. 

This is what mine says (again, I take no legal responsibility for this even if you use it word for word): 

"Please note that by signing up to get this workbook, you will receive additional resources to help you build your business as well as promotional emails. You may unsubscribe at any time."