Child-like Fun Ideas List

Hello Beautiful, 

Here's a list I've compiled of Child-like fun. Read through and see what piques your interest. And take note of any that you'd shy away from and think WHY. 

You can do all of these activities with kids but try to find some time just for yourself to have some fun. That Little Girl inside you deserves some one-on-one time with you. Even 15 minutes is better than none. 

  1. Read a book you loved as a kid

  2. Visit an aquarium

  3. Visit a museum - especially one that's interactive like a science or history museum

  4. Go to a theme park

  5. Play with lego

  6. Colour

  7. Play with play-dough

  8. Go to the beach and build sandcastles

  9. Run and skip - flail your arms around like Phoebe in friends here.

  10. Go for a walk in the forest and run around the trees

  11. Jump in puddles

  12. Surround yourself with your favourite colour

  13. Read a joke book

  14. Build a fort

  15. Eat finger foods

  16. Have a picnic

  17. Bake and decorate fairy cakes (extra points if you lick the bowl and spoon)

  18. Get messy when you're cooking

  19. Sit on the floor to eat

  20. Watch your favourite Disney film

  21. Dance in your kitchen

  22. Listen to Disney music

  23. Blow bubbles

  24. Paint OUTSIDE the lines

  25. Sketch

  26. Tickle

  27. Buy something from a toy store

  28. Buy a cuddly toy

  29. Buy a remote control toy

  30. Learn a magic trick

  31. Have a water fight

  32. Have a pillow-fight

  33. Dress up

  34. Sing

  35. Ride on a segway

  36. Camp (in your lounge or garden is just as fun)

  37. Ride your bike (outside not at the gym)

  38. Play football (or other sport)

  39. Shoot hoops

  40. Play with a hoola-hoop

  41. Play hide and seek

  42. Play in the woods

  43. Play in water (no lane or serious swimming allowed!)

  44. Play with animals

  45. Talk to your pet

  46. Do a cartwheel

  47. Daydream

  48. Fly kites

  49. Play boardgames

  50. Try face painting or finger painting

  51. Watch the moon and stars come out

  52. Write a song or a poem

  53. Smile at everyone you see

  54. Play in the park

  55. Eat pancakes or ice-cream for breakfast

  56. Reward yourself - make a sticker chart for this week

  57. Use glitter

  58. Lie on the floor to watch TV
  59. Go bowling

  60. Go horse riding

  61. Go to ballet or tap classes

  62. Go to a farm and pet the animals

  63. Paint pottery

  64. Doodle

  65. Go rock climbing

  66. Cloud watch

  67. Plan a party...just because

  68. Make fun food

  69. Use a shape cutter for your toast or sandwiches

  70. Pack yourself a fun lunch like this one:

71. Make a balloon animal

72. Sew

73. Have a duvet day

74. Make ice lollies

75. Go ice-skating or roller-blading

76. Throw a frisbee

77. Play on an XBox or Wii

78. Jump on the bed

79. Wear a skirt that feels amazing to twirl in

80. Get on a trampoline

81. Drink through a curly straw

82. Buy some rubber stamps and stamping

83. Play Poohsticks under a bridge

84. Get on a pogo stick or space hopper

85. Plat Twister

86. Start finger knitting

87. Wear whatever you want

88. Plan a fancy dress party

89. Stop the ice-cream van

90. Go go-karting

91. Play in the mud

92. Go to a water park

93. Visit the arcade

94. Go to an old fashioned sweet shop and buy you childhood favourite

95. Swim under water

96. Go on a carousel

97. Go on the Dodgems

98. Live in the moment

99. Put on a play with some other children

100. Leave your self-consciousness at the door!



If you can think of any more, let me know and I'll add them to the list. 

Emma xx