6 Weeks to Shine

6 Weeks to Shine in your Business

You're a service-based entrepreneur. You love what you do and you're damn good at it (occasionally you remind yourself of this truth). But you want more. You want more clients, more money and more success. You need more people to know who you about you! 

You've got your business systems down.

  • Awesome freebie - done
  • Sales funnel - sorted
  • Social media accounts - posting daily

However you're also the best kept secret on the internet. 

You know what your dream business looks like. You've done the mantras, you've got the Vision Board but something isn't working. 

And you know what it is - you're hiding. You're dream business is outside of your comfort zone and whatever you do you just seem to hit that fatal (for a business) wall of RESISTANCE. You've read The Big Leap and you know it's your Upper Limit kicking in but what's the solution??

I am! 

I'm Emma Ward and I am a Confidence Coach for female entrepreneurs ready to burst through their limiting beliefs and get VISIBLE.

You + Me + 6 weeks coaching = CONFIDENCE = VISIBILITY 

I'm talking YOU but even brighter. You'll be confidently: live-streaming, YouTube video making, guest speaking, workshop running and guest blogging. The 'new' you stepping UP and stepping OUT. Making waves and getting noticed. No more shrinking. 

Together we:

  • Get clear on what is really holding you back (I'm known for digging deep and uncovering crap you had no idea was lurking)
  • Release the resistance using coaching, mindset techniques and EFT/tapping
  • Get clear on the best platforms to catapult your business
  • Create a plan to MAKE IT HAPPEN
  • Each week we work on releasing any resistance and increasing your confidence
  • I hold you accountable every step of the way (I want your success as much as you do)

How it works:

  • You book a Discovery Call and we speak on the phone to ensure we're a good fit
  • You purchase your life/business-changing programme and receive your contract and Welcome Packet
  • We timetable a weekly 1hr coaching session
  •  We set agreed actionable tasks for between sessions and you’ll report to me on all the incredible changes you’re seeing. 

Investment: $1450

No more waiting in the wings. It's time to take centre stage, gorgeous!

Book a complimentary call to find out more:

Look how far Louise came in just 6 sessions:

When I first contacted Emma I was frozen with fear - I'm now happily recording in the studio!

When I first contacted Emma I was frozen with fear. I knew I wanted to start recording my first album but every step seemed so daunting. I was very indecisive and struggled to figure out my next move. 

From day one of our coaching, my energy shifted completely. The moment I got off our first call, I felt so motivated.  I sat down at the guitar and wrote a new song for the first time in weeks. I found that every call following was a surge of inspiration and helped me uncover bits of myself I had been shielding from failure - and GREAT opportunity. Emma is an expert at creating a safe place to share. She finds that insecure spot in your mind and coaxes it out of its scared little shell so you can overcome it. 

Emma helped me zero in on my goals and create a game-plan to accomplish them. I finally felt like these big dreams of mind were truly possible! She somehow makes mapping out a problem practical and easy. I feel like I can handle bigger goals by breaking them down.       

My family can always tell when I've had an "Emma call" because I have a bounce in my step.

My family can always tell when I've had an "Emma call" because I have a bounce in my step. My friends have said that I'm happier and more motivated. I felt like I had a cheerleader in my corner, ready to help me along lovingly and offer practical tools to pave this new path.

After JUST SIX sessions with Emma...

I have now officially made it through the pre-planning phases of my album and am happily recording in the studio! I am playing gigs and working a new music internship.

I have found ways to stabilize my moods and confidence and deal with grief and sadness better when it comes up.

I loved every second and it was worth every penny. I wouldn't change anything about our coaching sessions except MORE TIME WITH EMMA!!! She will help you knock down walls!!

Thank you for the energy you pour into your clients. Believe me, it matters more than you think! I felt truly embraced and wish I could have a call with you every week! The second I can start back, I will! You are truly amazing! 

Louise Warren (Singer/Songwriter)  www.louisewarrenmusic.com