here’s 46 ideas to get your creative juices flowing

1) Share your best tips - brainstorm pain points of your Ideal Clients

2) Share the setup at your office or studio

3) Give a demonstration

4) Do a ‘get ready with me’ scope (putting on makeup, doing hair, picking outfits etc)

5) Share your favourite place to work in/relax in/shop etc)

6) Do Q&As

7) Do a mini webinar / training

8) Offer advice you’ve learnt

9) Share a lesson you’ve learnt

10) Give a film review (that links to what you do!)

11) Do a book review

12) Share your reading list focused on a genre

13) Makeup/ hair/clothing tutorial

14) Client testimonial (with permission of course)

15) Do an interview with someone you’re currently with

16) Do an interview with someone on Google Hangouts or on FB Live

17) Live stream an event or conference (make sure you ask permission)

18) Behind-the-scenes as you get ready to go on stage, run a webinar, etc

19) Your adventures in foreign countries or other cities across the world

20) Stream your presentation or speech as you give it to an audience

21) Practice or prep for your real in-person speech

22) Share what inspires you

23) Share your progress on your goals

24) Share your philosophy on life and/or business

25) Unbox something live

26) Ask your viewers for their opinions - for new content

27) Share your mistakes and what you learned from them along the way

28) Share a case study of a client of yours (with their permission)

29) Introduce your new favourite band

30) Invite people to your local or online event

31) Share how you stay motivated or inspired

33) Tell people your biggest obstacle in life/business and how you overcame it

34) Things you wish you’d known before you XYZ

35) Why you do a certain thing differently than most

36) Things you learned during an event/conference

37) List out some of your favourite brands/tools/apps that help you do XYZ

38) The best investment/s you’ve ever made

39) Your AM or PM routine

40) Host a giveaway or contest

41) Organising your ______ fridge/wardrobe

42) Decorating/ Feng Shui 

43) ‘Recovering from’ lives e.g. divorce/breakup/illness

44) How to stop e.g. eating sugar/wasting time/packing everything 

45) Offer live critiques and feedback

46) Host a challenges - break down your services into bite size piece