What Do I Know?


My Story

In 2008, I followed my passion and paid out over £6000 ($8000) training to become an Image Consultant. BUT...no one told me by definition that meant that I was an ‘entrepreneur’!  WHAT?? You mean, I was supposed to actually go out there and SELL my services? 

I was clueless when it came to knowing HOW to run a business and I had zero self-confidence. Not a great combination.

I was a classic example of: 'All the gear and no idea'. 

As a result, months later, I'd only had a handful of clients. I started to panic that I'd wasted a huge amount of money. 

Enough was enough. Clients weren't going to just beat down my door. I'd come too far and spent too much money to throw my dreams away and spend the next 30 years in a 9-5 (oh God no!).

So, I hired one coach to build my confidence up and another to teach me the business ropes. 

Instead of stabbing in the dark, I had a clear plan of action and was actively promoting my business.

  • I got known: interviewed on BBC Berkshire radio; appeared in newspapers; guest speaker at numerous events. 
  • I got asked to write a monthly style column for a local magazine. 
  • I collaborated with High Street stores and ran events for them.
  • During the 'quiet' month of August, I got paid $3500 working just 10 days that month.
  • Even today - 4 years after I stopped running that business - I still get emails asking to book those style sessions.

I've since trained to be a Confidence Coach AND a Business Coach.  

Because I believe everyone deserves to spend their one precious life getting paid to do work they love. 

Now I help other women - like YOU - create their dream business.