I was struggling with how to promote myself  - I've now got clarity and focus.

I've already contacted new potential clients and organisations. 


When I first contacted Emma, I was feeling stuck in my business. I felt very overwhelmed with trying to get more clients and didn't know what to do next.

I was frustrated seeing friends with their small businesses having more clients and more motivation than me. I was struggling with social media and knowing how to promote myself. The day I contracted Emma, I felt in a hopeless rut.

I chose to work with Emma because she has been an Image Consultant, I knew she could relate to the work I do because she had already 'been there and done it'.


My goal was to gain more confidence so that I could get out there and find new clients. 

From the first session, I felt really positive and excited to finally get some help. Emma helped me gain clarity on my ideal clients. She then offered ideas and advice on how and where to target them. She suggested different ways to promote myself locally and online, things I had never thought of. Her tips on what to say to engage my ideal clients have really helped me understand the importance of the words I use to ensure people understand the value of what I do.

After JUST THREE sessions with Emma...

After just 3 weeks, I have much more clarity and my mindset has definitely shifted. The change I've noticed most is that I am now really motivated and open to ideas. I gained focus and clarity on what I need to do next and I now feel excited to take the action steps to move forward. I feel more confident too - I have already approached potential clients, shops and organisations to promote my business.

If I were to describe my coaching experience in 3 words, they would be: Clarity. Motivating. Uplifting.

Thank you, Emma, for such fantastic support and guidance.  

Nicola Johnstone, Personal Stylist