"My friends and colleagues often comment on how confident I am and that I would never have been so bold before meeting Emma! They like the new me!"

"When I first contacted Emma, my life was a constant struggle; I was in a job I loved but with a ruthless boss who was a bully. 

My self-esteem was at rock bottom along with my confidence and I felt too embarrassed to share my concerns with friends. I was a single mum and although my children have grown up, I still had two living at home with me where the arguments and pressure of trying to keep a happy medium was wearing me out. 

I had no goals in my work or home life, other than to survive each day. I longed for a partner but couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to join my world of turmoil, so wasn’t focussed on looking.

After our initial call, I just knew Emma would be amazing and help fight my corner and get me out of the rut I was in.

I'd been to counselling before but never to a life coach and wasn’t too sure of the difference until after our first session, it was immediately apparent within the first 2 minutes – this was AMAZING!! So I signed up for 90 days coaching.

To be honest, I felt very ashamed and embarrassed going into the first session as felt I was a failure as a mother at not being able to manage my children and stand up to them, along with being bullied at work, there was nowhere to run and hide from my feelings of guilt. 

But by the end of the first session, I completely trusted Emma. 

Through the weeks, (and some tears), she gently guided me down the right path, she lifted my confidence enough to get me through each day and face the challenges head on while still walking alongside me all the way. Her words of love and encouragement gave me the strength to fight my battles, all be in small ones to start with.

After 12 weeks:

I have changed significantly since meeting Emma, I am far more confident and comfortable in my skin. My friends and colleagues often comment on how confident I am and that I would never have been so bold before meeting Emma! They like the new me!

The biggest change I initially noticed was having the confidence to go on a weekend away to New York on my own (after just our first session!). Organising the trip from start to finish and going completely out of my comfort zone. I went sightseeing on my own around Central Park and even went to the top of the Empire State Building despite having an abject fear of heights! I ate dinner on my own in restaurants and loved every minute. For the first time in my life I felt I deserved to be there, enjoying my own company, something I never thought would happen.

There have been some hugely tangible results too – I have a great relationship with my children and am happy to push back with areas I don’t find comfortable, knowing that they will still love me. 

I gained sufficient confidence to get back out on the dating websites and look with earnest for a partner. I met the man of my dreams and he proposed to me on New Year’s Eve and I said yes!!! 

My old boss went back to the USA and I now have an amazing new boss who is kind, thoughtful, considerate and appreciative.

Life is wonderful. I am a completely different woman and I’m loving every minute of my new world.

I truly believe every single stone was uncovered over our sessions, ones which I thought were dead and buried were addressed and gently bought to the surface, dealt with and set free – I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me and each session gave me a new lease of life.

For anyone else thinking of working with Emma, I want to say this:

You think feeling out of control is normal and there is no way out – it’s not until someone taps into your inner strength and gives you the confidence to believe there is a better way that you begin to truly believe that changes are possible and, once you see them, there is no stopping you and going back to your old ways isn’t even an option.

If I had to describe my coaching experience with Emma, it would be: THE BEST THING EVER.

I wanted to write this review so others know what a life changer Emma is."

Lesley (Executive Assistant)