Hello gorgeous!

I'm so excited to work with you to finally get clear on who you are meant to serve.

You're going to know how your ideal client thinks, what they believe and why YOU are the exact person they have been searching for.

Congratulations on committing to become one of the rare few who go in and study who your ICA (ideal client avatar) actually is.

Every decision you make in your business depends on WHO you work with. And the best part is - you get to decide who that is.


This workbook will ask you very specific questions to start you digging deep and understanding who you most want to serve. 

Please complete it as fully as you can, save it and email it to emma@emma-ward.com 24 hrs before our call. 

(Please note: This is an editable document. Download save it to your computer and then regularly check it's saving - I'd hate for you to lose your answers.)


I'm really looking forward to speaking with you. To help me really understand you and your business, please answer these questions. The more I know about you before we speak, the more we can cover in the 2 hours. 

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