Each year on my birthday, I celebrate by offering a crazy exciting deal. This year is even more special because not only am I turning 40 on 25th May but I will be 40 WEEKS PREGNANT ON 26TH MAY.

Pregnant .jpg
20 week scan.jpg

So yes, this is a pretty special weekend.

And you, my VIP, get to celebrate along with me! 

I know not everyone is looking for the same thing in life (or from a coach) so I know that ONE 40th birthday offer won’t cut it for every person. 

So I came up with several special ‘birth-day’ gifts that you can take advantage of for the next four days! 

🎁 Gift #1

All my Business Bundles are 40% off! Woohoo!

IDEAL CLIENT & SERVICES BUNDLE = £148.20 Find out more here.

THE WEBSITE & SALES PAGE BUNDLE = £148.20 Find out more here.

SUCCESS MINDSET BUNDLE (all 3 of my mindset courses - Vision Board, Fall In Love with Selling and 21 Days to £5K) = £133.20 Find out more here.

BRANDING BUNDLE = £34.20 Find out more here.

🎁 Gift #2

Go through my life-changing 21 Day to £5k Mindset course for £121. Results include: Charlotte manifested £3000. Liz manifested a HOUSE DEPOSIT!! Fay doubled her monthly turnover. Alexandra manifested clients, plane upgrades and enough PASSIVE income to cover all her bills for a year (yes, really!!). Nigit had one of her highest paid months ever! Helen attracted clients into her MLM businesses and won the award of ‘Best Arbonne Area Manager’. >>Give me access!  

🎁 Gift #3

Vision Board Mastery course for just £40. This is a 7 day course that teaches you everything you need to know to create a vision board that WORKS. The women who've gone through this course have manifested big money goals, business clarity, clients, business opportunities, business awards, new jobs, new relationships and even 2 pregnancies (including my own). Vision boards are powerful for every area of life (not just business) and I’ll show you exactly how to create one that works. >>Start right now

🎁 Gift #4

Fall in Love with Selling course for just £40. This is a 5-part course designed to help you confidently show up and sell your gifts. It includes: 5 training videos; 5 workbooks to help you transform the way you sell and 8 EFT videos designed to eliminate the most common fears around selling. >>Click here to fall in love with selling

🎁 Gift #5

Learn to Love Your Body for just £50. This is a SIX WEEK self-study course. It's packed full of powerful techniques to get you loving your body from the inside out (nothing to do with diet or exercise - we'll be working on your brain!). Each week a new module will be emailed to you. In 6 weeks you'll have transformed the relationship you have with your body. Let's do this! >>www.emma-ward.com/love-your-body

These special offers are only available until Sunday 26th May at midnight! 

If you have questions about any of the offers above, let me know!


Emma xx