Get Seen, Get Clients


You followed your passion and started a business (woohoo!). 

But you need more clients so you can actually get PAID to do what you love.

You want more people to know about your business, know how awesome you are and get booking! 

I have your solution. 

You + Me for 3 weeks = STEP UP & GET SEEN 

I'm offering 3 weeks of intense coaching and support so you can: 


I know what it's like to lie in bed and night and feel so frustrated that your business isn't where you want it to be. You love what you do; you're damn good at what you do...if only more people knew about you.  

There's a long list if things you could be doing but you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to begin and then in the end you just put it all off and find something else to do (hello procrastination). 

Let's put an end to that. Let's get you OUT THERE & SEEN. You're too good at what you do to only have a handful of clients. Your future clients NEED you. 

If you already run a business, are set up and ready to go for clients then this is for you.

  • Posting in groups (rather than watching from the wings)
  • Making your next (or first) video/livestream
  • Saying what you really want to say in your posts
  • Following up with a dream client
  • Saying yes to a public speaking gig
  • Creating a FB group
  • Finishing that project and pressing SUBMIT
  • Starting a project you've been putting off 

I get it. I've been there: STUCK. Call it self-sabotage, lack of confidence or fear. Whatever we name it, it doesn't change the fact that it's holding you back from the next level of success in your business and getting new clients. I know how to get you out of inaction. That's my gift. Using a combination of coaching and EFT/tapping (if needed), I'll help you move out of this frustrated place.

How it works:

  1. You pay just £333 ($444).
  2. I send you a questionnaire to fill in telling me exactly what you want to take action in and what you think is stopping you. 
  3. We speak on the phone (or Skype). I use a powerful combination of coaching and EFT/tapping to help you release whatever is keeping you in fear so you can move your business forward.
  4. You leave with not just a clear PLAN of action but the CONFIDENCE to TAKE IT. 

Book a Confidence & Clarity Shot and you'll walk away feeling instantly more confident and start doing things you've been putting off for months (even years).  

The best part? You can easily make the investment back because you'll be showing up and standing out and your next client will notice!

Go for it, gorgeous! I'm here to give you that loving push you know you've been waiting/asking for.

What have you got to lose (except self-doubt)?

What clients had to say about their Confidence & Clarity Shot:

"AMAZING!!!! What Emma and I accomplished today saved me at least two weeks of really hard work and soul searching."

Lauren was excited about her business but confusion and doubt kept tripping her up and stopped her taking action. On the call she got clarity on her message, who her ideal client is and where to find them. We broke down her next steps and within hours she messaged to say she'd already started. 

"I feel focused, energised and confident that I can now achieve anything I want"

"As a growing business, I have used Emma's coaching services to help me get a clear vision of what the next 12 months will look like for me. I now want to take it in a new direction which can be overwhelming at times. My coaching session was fantastic. So motivating and encouraging. Emma asked me questions I hadn't even considered, leaving me at times speechless. Questions such as "Why leave it 5 months?" The answer is " don't know, there is no reason to wait". Emma made me realise that we set our own boundaries and yes, some obstacles are unavoidable but some are purely just a product of our own self limits. I feel focussed and energised and confident that I can now achieve everything I want to. Emma set me personal goals which are realistic but that commit me to deadlines rather than plodding along. On a personal note, Emma is really down to earth, very easy to get on with and we clicked immediately. Thanks so much, I will definitely keep in touch!!! Love, Joy x"

~ Joy Gregory, Personal Stylist

"I sort of went into overdrive! You have lit a fire under me lady! I'm feeling like everything is possible!!"

Heather Jones had a 45 minutes coaching session including 2 rounds of EFT/tapping. I followed up with her the day after and then a couple of days after that. 

"She has altered my mindset about deep-rooted beliefs in just a short amount of time"

"Emma is relatable, friendly, knowledgeable, and an inspiration all at the same time. She will open your mind and uncover things in your soul you had no idea were there while guiding you closer and closer to your best self.  Case in point, she has altered my mindset about deep-rooted beliefs in just a short amount of time. Emma is a wealth of knowledge but she breaks down each nugget of wisdom so it is understandable and can then be put to use. She is nothing short of a wonderful coach who will support you in the pursuit of your dreams."

~ Christine Barnes, Life Coach