“Release Your Self-Bully’ is a beautiful, soulful and must read e-guide for any woman who is holding herself back from living her best life. Emma expertly guides you through how to let go of your negative inner critic and truly step up to claim the life you know (and she knows!) you can have. It’s a must read on every woman’s e-guide shelf.” ~ Julie Parker, CEO and Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy

This e-Guide was written for YOU if you are a woman who has BIG dreams but… you are holding yourself back.


  • You ache for more. Much more. You want a life and business that lights you up.
  • You have a negative inner-voice that constantly criticises you.
  • You doubt yourself and your abilities and resist putting yourself forward for new opportunities
  • You are afraid to take the action you know is required to create the life and business you dream of
  • You are frustrated that your life doesn’t look any different from a year ago.

How do you release your inner-critic and take the first step to gaining the confidence you crave?

 I’m here to show you how.

The ‘eGuide to Releasing Your Self-Bully’ walks you through ways to quieten your inner-critic.

The eGuide details powerful exercises to enable you to take the first step to developing a more loving and encouraging inner-dialogue.

After all, when you believe in yourself, you have the courage to go and claim your dreams – you don’t allow anything (let along yourself!) to stand it your way.

  1.     Why awareness is the first step to change
  2.     How to turn down your negative voice and replace it with a neutral one
  3.     How to release the comparison to others
  4.     Why confidence begins with self-care
  5.     How to go from a neutral to a positive inner-dialogue
  6.     How to accept your body exactly as she is

Trust me, if I, a self-proclaimed Self-Bully, can transform my negative self-image, self-doubt and insecurities into the confidence to put myself out there for all the world to see, there is no reason that (with the right support and guidance) you can’t begin your own journey to Self-Confidence too.

This eGuide will help guide you on your own way!

“This eBook gets stuck in straight away with thought-provoking exercises that help you take stock of how you treat yourself and even limit your own capabilities. Modifying my behaviours made me see clearly what I wanted to achieve and how I could begin to do it. You’re a long time dead so get busy living!”

~ Denise Pentecost, Personal Stylist: