Tracy Palazzo

"When I first started coaching with Emma, we were struggling financially and work in my therapy business was down. I kept trying to stay positive, but underlying negativity was never far from the surface. I wanted some good advice, personal development coaching and goal setting. I trusted Emma and immediately felt comfortable. I learned that as long as I continued to put myself last and be in fear taking money from people, I can never fulfil my purpose.

Emma has helped me get my enthusiasm for life back. I've increased my clients, redefined my message and resurrected my writing. I am far more disciplined and organised. I am earning more, but finding more time for me, my family, and long term goals. I feel powerful, vibrant, and full of life in a way I haven’t felt for a long time. I now know not only where I am going, but also how to get there. I have a belief in myself that had been missing for a very long time.

Thank you so much Emma for opening my eyes. I now see all the blocks I have been putting in my way, and now I can see through them I feel indestructible! I really did get what you claimed: Connection, Clarity and Confidence."

Tracy Palazzo

Update from Tracy:

  • She now has an average of 28 clients a week!
  • She has more disposable income than ever before.
  • She's hired an admin assistant.
  • She's hired a second massage therapist.
  • She's been asked to be the guest speaker at a regional event.
  • She's created her own training courses - something she dreamed about for years.

Sue McMullen

“ I needed to gain confidence:  My fear was holding me back in so many aspects of my life including my business.

I'd never hired a coach before, so I felt slightly apprehensive (although excited). In the first session I felt a real connection with Emma: like she really got me. There was a great understanding of how I felt, and I was very excited about the 'homework' between sessions.

The biggest change I’ve witnessed in myself is how much confidence I have gained in all aspects of my life: with my therapy work, family & friends. I have taken control of my life.  I am enjoying life again and finding that anything is possible.

If I were to describe the coaching experience in 3 words, what would they be: A life-changing experience. I recommend this coaching to anyone who is willing to put the effort in, the rewards are amazing….”

Together we created her beautiful website:

Update from Sue:

  • She has over 10 clients a week.
  • She reaches her monthly money goals.
  • New clients keep finding her!
  • She's running monthly promotional events.
  • She's sending out regular newsletters.
  • She's confidently running group workshops.