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Self-Confidence Coaching


Self-Confidence Coaching


You are likely here because:

  • You crave more confidence.
  • You don’t feel enough: good enough, attractive enough, intelligent enough.
  • Your low self-esteem holds you back in work/relationships.
  • Your negative inner-voice constantly criticises you.
  • You doubt yourself and your abilities and resist putting yourself forward for new opportunities.
  • You are afraid to take the action you know is required to create the life and career you dream of.
  • You feel there could be the distinct possibility that you are wasting your life.
  • You know you’re meant for something bigger and better and you’re no longer prepared to settle for a mediocre life.

Enough is enough, beautiful!

No more holding yourself back. No more criticising. You deserve so much more! You deserve to have a career and life that lights you up; to be surrounded by supportive friends; to have the confidence to start new hobbies and bring those hidden dreams into reality. You deserve your own love and compassion. You deserve the confidence you were born with.

You are READY.  It’s time!

You are ready to make a commitment to yourself to be the best you that you can be. You are ready to find a way out of the paralysis that is stopping you from living the life you crave. You are ready to release your inner shackles and develop the confidence needed to live a life that lights you up and feeds your soul.

You’re in the right place. And it’s not as difficult as it sounds!

I've been where you are and I've come out the other side of the self-hatred, having transformed the relationship I have with myself.

You deserve to be happy; you deserve to feel confident in your own skin.

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Programme Description


Programme Description


This programme is designed to help you live with CONFIDENCE, PASSION and PURPOSE.

Each 12-week programme is tailored to each client, but you can expect us to focus on the 3 areas below based on your needs.

Step 1: Connection

Learn to connect with:

  • your subconscious beliefs about yourself (awareness is a crucial step!)

  • the person you used to be before life took over

  • the inner you - your Authentic Self

  • your deepest passions and desires

  • your qualities, talents and strengths


Get clarity on:

  • what negative thoughts are doing to your life goals

  • how your words are contributing to a life that doesn't reflect you.

  • which thoughts are stopping you from getting what you want

  • how to shift from a negative to positive mindset

  • what you want in and from life

  • what lights you up: what makes you HAPPY

  • the areas of your life you wish to change


Gain the confidence to:

  • step out of your comfort zone

  • be yourself in social situations

  • wear clothes you love: resulting from an increase in body-confidence

  • feel comfortable with who looks back at you in the mirror

  • say goodbye to your negative self-talk

  • take inspired action towards your goals and dream life

  • embrace whatever it is you want: new friendships/travel/hobbies/career


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  • 12 weekly 60 minute sessions(in-person or over Skype).

  • A pre-coaching Welcome Packet questionnaire (to help us both get even clearer on where you have been holding yourself back).

  • Email support between sessions, as needed.

  • My undivided support and attention.

  • Someone who will have your back 100% of the way.

  • Tailored resources to make huge shifts in your life (i.e. books, webinars, videos).

  • Recorded sessions so there’s no need for you to take notes.


Paid in full discount: £1200 (saving £300)

Payment plan:  3 payments of £500

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Why Coaching?


Why Coaching?


I personally work with my own high-level coach and I know the incredible value of someone holding you accountable and sharing her expertise. Over the next 12 weeks you will get further than you would in 12 months (or more!) on your own.

I believe in you and I want you to believe in who you are too! I don’t want anyone else to feel the cripplingly low self-esteem in the way that I used to. I believe that you have so much to offer the world and I want you to become the woman you are meant to be. I love nothing more than helping women to release the shackles that have been holding them back and to see them transform not only the relationship they have with themselves but with life.

Self-help books only get you so far. I know because I bought tonnes of them! If you have been trying to do this alone and not getting very far, it’s time to allow yourself the support.

A great coach will:

  • Help you RELEASE the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Help you to CONNECT back with who you really are.
  • Help you get CLARITY on what you want in life.
  • Give you the techniques needed to increase your CONFIDENCE.
  • Hold you ACCOUNTABLE to taking ACTION steps.


  • You are ready for change.
  • You are ready to connect back with your true desires.
  • You want someone to show you how to help release your inner-bully.
  • You're ready to clear those stubborn inner blocks and take leaps outside your comfort zone.
  • You are ready to stop standing in your own way: to stop holding yourself back.
  • You are ready to develop the confidence needed to live a life that lights you up and feeds your soul.
  • You are ready to put in the time and effort to radically transform your life.
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Why Me?


Why Me?


I get it. I know how you feel.

When I turned 30 I was still ill; in a relationship with a man I didn’t trust; broke and living at home with my parents. I was beyond frustrated. I hated myself. Then one day I realised the truth: I was the one holding myself back in every area of life. Enough was enough. The whole of my 20s had been ‘stolen’ from me and I was determined that I would not waste another second of my precious life. I had read all the self-help books and now it was time to put them into action. I invested in my own Confidence Coach. I studied and carried out every different technique I had read. I was a woman possessed. Possessed to claim back her life.

Things started to shift BIG time: I saw myself through fresh and loving eyes. I said no to toxic relationships. I took up new hobbies. I gained the confidence to take my Image Consultancy business to a new level speaking to roomfuls of women; being on the BBC radio, contacting newspapers and writing monthly for a local magazine.

It worked! 

Fast forward to today. I am healthy: I have more energy. I am my best friend. I listen to and take care of my needs. I live in my own gorgeous home. I have friends and family I adore. I run a Confidence Coaching business that lights me up. I take up my own space in the world. I am confident. I am free. I can honestly say that I love who I am. I embrace all of my quirks. I am me.

I was like you once too but I have turned my life around.  I have rediscovered who I really am, and in the process gained the confidence to create the life I always dreamed of, but didn’t think possible.  You can read more about my journey here.

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What Happens Next?


What Happens Next?


  • CLICK BELOW to book your complimentary Discovery Call (approx. 30 minutes) where I'll answer any questions you have about this programme and make sure we’re a good fit for a coaching relationship.
  • You’ll buy your life-changing confidence coaching package and then receive your contract and a personalized Welcome Pack (including a questionnaire to help you get even clearer on where you have been holding yourself back).

  • We’ll timetable a standing coaching appointment for each week.

  • We’ll set agreed actionable tasks for between session and you’ll report to me on all the incredible changes you’re seeing. This will give you the accountability you have been craving and amplify your results.

 Let's get you taking inspired ACTION.

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Phillipa Smith

From an early age I struggled in controlling my emotions. No one could understand why I was so angry. When I was a teenager I was put on anti-depressants which only caused me to have no emotion and feeling. When I came off I got told to go to counselling - I went to 3! None of them could help me. I felt alone and always on the edge of a volcano about to abrupt at any time and no one could help.

I heard about Emma from a friend. In my first session I realised Emma was different: she uses visual, verbal and physical techniques to help me understand who I am, and explains everything clearly. She gives me homework, activities and strategies to help in my daily life.

I have been with Emma for a few months and I have never felt better. I feel happy in myself and the world, I’m not scared or constantly thinking I’m going to get angry today.

Emma is a lovely lady she is a true professional who listens, understands and makes me feel supported and respected. She is determined in helping in all areas of my life.

I’m so pleased that I decided to give her a go, I can’t praise her enough.

Lisa Cobbett

"I used to lack confidence and self-belief. I suffered from panic attacks and it felt like I was in a never-ending black hole. I was in a job that sapped the life and energy out of me and I felt worthless, I most definitely lived to work. I didn’t want to see my friends as I felt like I had nothing positive to contribute. When my mum asked me where her daughter had gone, I knew I needed help – that’s when I turned to Emma.

Emma knew I was so unkind to myself and taught me how to love me again. She gave me the confidence to believe that I would find a new job, that I could be confident again and so it began, my journey to clarity and self-belief: from meditation to tapping to just talking, Emma was with me every step of the way, she made me feel like I could get out, that I could be myself again.

As my confidence grew, I was headhunted. I have now been in my role for 1 year, I am a top performer in my team and I was awarded a ‘Passionate in Your Role’ award. If someone had told me this would have been my life 2 years ago, I would have laughed at them.

Positive thinking, clarity, self-belief and the courage to follow your dreams really will get you to where you want to be. I could never have done this alone; without Emma Ward, I would probably still be sat living to work instead of where I am now – loving my life! Thank you Emma!!"