Why I'm thrilled my client is jumping in puddles

Hello Beautiful, 

Happy Good Friday. I hope you've started the long weekend off as you mean to go on: with some hot-cross buns and chocolate bunnies. 

I was talking to a client yesterday who is half-way through my 6 week Love Your Body online course. I asked her if she was behaving any differently as a result of the mindset work and exercises in the modules.


One of the examples she gave me was that she took her dogs out for a walk the other day and jumped in puddles...just because it felt fun.  

We both laughed and my heart soared.

THIS is the lady who, when I first spoke to her a month ago, told me that she had stopped jogging because she was too self-conscious. She kept imagining that people would point and laugh at her. Three modules later and not only is she out jogging but jumping in puddles!! 


This is exactly the aim of the Love Your Body course. 

It is designed to change the way you view your body. It'll teach you HOW to be more self-compassionate and see yourself through loving eyes. As a result it increases your confidence; you care less about what others think of you and have more FUN.

Sarah's got 3 more modules to go and said she'll write a full testimonial when she finishes but told me:

  • The course has opened her up and made her look at herself completely differently (positively!) 
  • She's realising she needs to give herself a lot more credit
  • She's feeling more confident in general
  • She's making more time for herself and taking better care of her body
  • She's arranged more quality, fun time with her husband - they're off to the coast to ride their bikes and build sandcastles next weekend rather than working on the house like they have been for many months
  • She loves that she can do the course at her own pace

Are you ready to feel free like a kid again? To have the freedom to just be yourself? To stop worrying about what others think of you? To dance. Belly-laugh. Wear what you want. Jump in puddles?

For less than the cost of a night away or 7 large Easter eggs! ;-) You can change the relationship you have with your body (and yourself) forever,

Find out more here:  

Happy Easter!
Emma xx


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