Lipstick Challenge

I have a new challenge for you, ladies!

A lipstick challenge.

I used to hate wearing lipstick; I thought it made me look old and my teeth look yellow. And it did. 

But do you know why? 

I was trying on my mum's lipstick and she has a warm skin-tone and I have a cool skin-tone. Once I tried the lipstick that suited my natural colouring, I began to actually like it. I noticed that it really enhanced my eye colour and flattered my skin. 

(If you never wear lipstick then you need to hear/read this more than anyone.) 

At that point in time I wasn't surprised to discover this because I had just trained to be a Colour Consultant (and it helped that I could have a play with my own gorgeous make-up demo kit) and learnt the science behind certain colours complimenting different skin-tones. 

But do YOU know that the right colour lipstick can not only make you look sexy and enhance your eye colour, but people will listen to you more, you’ll look healthier, slimmer too? What's not to love about that!?

The challenge: Every day for 7 days, wear lipstick.

When you discover the benefits and you get used to wearing it, you won't want to stop after the week is up.  

If you already wear lipstick regularly, go a little bolder than you're used to.

If you never wear lipstick, put it on and then wipe a cotton bud over your lips to remove the majority of it; you should still be left with enough of the pigment to give you a little colour.

One of my best friends became a headteacher at the age of 30 (she is incredible) and she asked me to  give her some tips to 'power dress'. I told her she needed to wear lipstick and although she wasn't that keen she gave it a go. She absolutely loved the way it made her feel and, 5 years on, she even wears lipstick on the weekends because she knows it makes her look fabulous. 

For the most natural and flattering colour, the trick is to find a lipstick just a little darker than your own lips. Get up close and personal with your lips - what colour are they? Have you ever stopped to look? 

But for the sake of this challenge, let's get bold. I want you to either dig out your make-up bag and find a lipstick or better still, treat yourself to a new one. Have a play at a make-up counter in the department store, whilst you're at it. 

This is a gentle nudge out of your comfort zone.

So, are you up for the challenge? Will you wear some lippy every day for a week?!

If you still need some convincing...

 6 surprising benefits of wearing lipstick

1. Lipstick intensifies the colour of your eyes

Your eye colour looks much more intense; blue eyes look bluer, green eyes look greener, brown eyes look browner, etc. It draws out and emphasises their natural colour.

2. Lipstick makes your eyes look bigger

Because the colour is intensified your eyes appear more prominent, more "in focus" and look much bigger.

3. Lipstick really defines your mouth

If you outline and add colour to an area it will define it. This is great if you’re speaking or need to command attention and authority. But it’s also great for every day – we want people to listen to us, to our ideas, opinions, likes and dislikes.

4. Lipstick protects and moisturises your lips

Lipstick and lip-glosses moisturise and protect your lips from the elements: wind and sun. No one looks good with dry, cracked lips, right!?

5. Lipstick makes you look healthy and well

Wearing clothes in colours that complement your skin-tone will make you look healthier. And so it makes perfect sense that a lipstick in your best colour will flatter your skin - resulting in you looking healthier.

6. Lipstick makes your face look slimmer

When someone adds colour to their lips it draws the focus to the centre and away from the outline of their face and therefore their face appears slimmer.

If you have had a Colour Consultation then Jane Fardon Cosmetics will have the perfect colour to suit your skin-tone. Check the gorgeous colours out here: Lipsticks

If you haven't already, why not join us on this challenge in the private Body Confidence Facebook group, we'd love to see you there. I'm even challenging the ladies to post a photo of their luscious lips (that's optional of course and it's private so no-one else can see). 

What have you got to lose? The worse thing that could happen is that your lips get come extra 'moisturisation' (I totally made that word up but what the heck). 

Get that make-up bag open.

Ready, steady, go...


Emma xx