How to stuff the diet without stuffing your face!

Hello lovely, 

I hope you're enjoying this fabulous time of year. Are you all set for the Big Day?

I want to talk to you about FOOD. Why? Well because of chocolate and mince-pies and turkey and roast potatoes and pigs in blankets and...

Christmas food is the best, right!? But so many women have a love-hate relationship with food. I used to be one of them!

Does this sound familiar...

You're on a diet which basically means you think about food more than ever before. You even dream about food. You deny yourself and feel resentful. The choc-chip cookies start calling you from the kitchen. Then someone tells you to just "sod the diet"'. So you do.

Then you eat everything in sight. Then you feel crap. And then you realise you didn't even enjoy the food properly because you practically inhaled it. Hmmm... can you tell I speak from experience?

Don't put yourself on a 'diet' (ever). They just don't work.  
I've found that the more MINDFUL I am when I eat, the less I'll scoff my face which means I don't feel stuffed at the end of the meal. Plus I enjoy it SOOO MUCH more. Win-win. 
Here are some tips I've learnt along the way to prevent me from scoffing the whole packet of cookies in one sitting!


1 :: SIT DOWN to eat
If you pick and eat on the run you aren't concentrating and you'll barely even notice the taste. 

Look at it and smell it before you eat it. The more senses you engage the more enjoyment you get.

Bring your attention to your mouth. I know it sounds daft but how many times do we consciously do this? So when you eat the chocolate (mince-pie etc) do JUST that. Eat the chocolate in that moment and nothing else. 

4 :: CHEW
Actually take a bite and savour it. 
Do NOT swallow it down with a chaser of guilt. If you're gonna eat it then for goodness sake enjoy it!

You're going to eat this Christmas so cut yourself some slack and enjoy it; focus on the moments, not your waistline.

Bon appétit!

Have a wonderful Christmas! 
Lot of love,

Emma xx

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