Do you view your body like this too?

I have been so touched by the candid responses to my Body Confidence Survey. Thank you to everyone who completed it.  

Here are some of the results so far:

Question: How does your body image hold you back in life?

  • 86% Notice only negative things in the mirror;
  • 80% Criticise their body regularly;

  • 79% Constantly compare themselves to others;

  • 64% Feel generally miserable when they think about their body;

  • 58% Find it hard to accept compliments;

  • 57% Are body-conscious in social situations;

  • 50% Hate shopping for clothes;

  • 36% Wish they had a more exciting wardrobe but don't have the confidence to "pull it off";

  • 35% Are self-conscious in front of their partner;

  • 29% Say it affects their sex life;

  • 15% Skip events because they don’t think they look good enough;

Question:  How would you sum up how you feel about your body? (Here are just a few of the responses)

  • "Imperfect. Disgusting." 

  • "Gross, sad, ugly"

  • "Disappointed, unhealthy, wobbly, blobby, fat"

  • "Inelegant & clumsy"

  • "Depressed"

  • "Embarrassed"

  • "Fed up. Dejected. Demotivated"

  • "Fat and unattractive"

  • "Disappointed. Old. Aged. Frustrated"

  • “Some days we're friends but more often than not me and my body are barely pals, it tries to get me to like it but some days it's just not going to happen."

  • "Unhappy, frustrated, unattractive"

  • "Could be improved!"

Whilst I was sad to read these comments, I wasn’t surprised!! I have been there! I felt "disgusting" too. I was trapped in ‘Body Jail’ for years.  I hated my body. Firstly for being ‘fat and ugly’ and then for being ‘ill, weak and pathetic’.

I have transformed the relationship I have with my body. I now show her love, respect and admiration; I am actually in awe of what she does for me. 

  • It all comes from changing your mindset.
  • I want to help you to change yours too!
  • I want to teach you to see your body for the glorious miracle it is (sounds corny but it's true!)

Yesterday, I started a private (closed) ‘Body Confidence’ Facebook group which means that only the members can read the posts. I wanted to create a safe and encouraging environment where women can begin to transform the relationship they have with their bodies.

Come and join us...


I hope to see you in the group.

Emma xx

P.S. If you haven’t taken part in the Body Confidence Survey but you would like to then you can do so here: Survey