Confidence Is A Pair Of Red Knickers

You may not know this, but before I became a Confidence Coach, I was a Colour Consultant and Personal Shopper. I used to teach women how to showcase their figures and enhance their natural colouring.

Colour was actually where my journey to self-confidence began.

Colour seemingly works magic on our appearance when we know what colours are our most flattering (more on that in the video below!), but it has been proven that colour has an impact on our mood and general feeling of well-being. And not just our own mood: other people react to your colour choice without us realising.

Here's a quick guide to choosing a colour to create the right mood and impact:


Fabulous for an instant 'pick me up' and confidence boost. Wearing red makes you appear: confident, extroverted, a risk-taker, a leader, passionate, exciting. It's not recommended for interviews - you can come across as too domineering. However, I highly recommend the power of wearing red knickers (shhh...I won't tell if you don't!) for a job interview - or any special occasion - for an instant confidence boost!


Brings comfort and joy. It has the power to revitalise you - so it's another great colour to wear when you need a energy boost. Wearing orange makes you appear: hospitable, youthful, sociable, fun, energetic. Orange is warm and cheerful and often functions as a peacemaker. Wearing orange shows an interest in other people.


Yellow helps with concentration but it's also a great mood-lifter. Wearing yellow makes you appear: youthful, happy, optimistic, outgoing, creative, experimental, fun. It attracts attention and it speeds up the metabolism.


Green lowers blood pressure and appetite. It creates a sense of calm. You appear: Tranquil, balanced, helpful, informal, nurturing. Green symbolises nature. It is the easiest colour on the eye and causes people to relax. People waiting to appear on TV sit in 'green rooms' to relax. Hospitals often use green because it relaxes patients.


Blue lowers blood pressure, sharpens mental focus and enhances creativity. Wearing blue can help to soothe daily stress. Wearing blue makes you appear: calm, friendly, authoritative, trustworthy. Blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals, which is why it's often used in hotel bedrooms.


Purple promotes a sense of relaxation. Wearing purple makes you appear: sophisticated, intriguing, creative, sensitive and a good listener. Purple is the colour of royalty and denotes luxury, wealth, and sophistication. It's also feminine and romantic. It's thought women wearing purple appear more attractive to the opposite sex!!


Pink is very calming, so don't wear it if you need lots of energy. Soft Pink: feminine, approachable, gentle. Deep Pink: confident, dramatic, glamorous, extroverted. Pink is the most romantic colour of all. If you want to really stand out at a cocktail party (or a first date?!), wear magenta.


70% of clothes purchased in the UK are black. Black is perfect for when you want to feel authoritative and sophisticated. Wearing black makes you appear: mysterious, elegant, classy, dramatic. It is popular in fashion because it is said to make people appear thinner (actually, any dark colour can do this). Black outfits can be overpowering; a manager/boss should choose something a little less aloof in order to be seen as 'caring'.


Wearing brown is said to be relaxing. It makes you appear: natural, approachable, mothering, robust. Brown is the colour of earth and is seen as solid and reliable. Light brown implies genuineness while dark brown is seen as dependable.

Have some fun with this - it's really not meant to be prescriptive!

Have you heard of "having your colours done"?

No? Well, in this video, I explain why every women should discover which colours make her look her most radiant.

Click the link below to watch the video and find out what colour can really do for your appearance...

Warm and colourful wishes,
Emma xx