How To View Your Body In A Positive Light

Hello, lovely!

I am thrilled with the response to the 'Body Confidence' Facebook group. 

Each day this week I have asked the members to think of 3 things they are grateful to their body for.

Gratitude is the fastest way I have found to shift from body-hatred to acceptance.

Our bodies are miracles when you stop and think about them! I know that might sound condescending; but please bear in mind that this is coming from a women who used to HATE her body (and face). 

It's all too easy to find fault, right?!! But you will never find peace if you are at war with your body. By focusing on what your body does FOR you and feeling thankful for that, you begin to see yourself through a softer lens. 


To give you some examples, here are 4 of my entries:

And you don't have to go it alone. The reason I have created a Facebook Group, is so the members feel they have an army of cheerleaders: women supporting women. I'm done with people who try to pull others down in order to pull themselves up. I'm done with cattiness. 

I personally love women and I think we are one of the most beautiful forms on this planet. 


Here are some of the comments. I've kept names anonymous because the whole point of having a "safe" environment in the Body Confidence Group is so that the world and his wife can't see your posts - you have to be a member. 

"I weighed myself this morning, was distraught at the number they displayed and like you said enough is enough.  At 55 I've been dieting all my life, well that's it, no more weighing and getting depressed. The scales have gone to the bin so the temptation to weigh has gone!

Emma I love what you're doing and I finally feel empowered to take more control over my feelings towards my body and start to change my mindset, my emotions for the day will not be determined by a number xxx"

"Emma thank you for setting up this group - I love it!"

"Thanks Emma :) this forum is just the best, it's really making me think differently about myself already! X"

"Thanks so much Emma I actually woke up excited today for the first time in years knowing that the temptation had gone to weigh myself as I did twice daily and I could just concentrate on enjoying my day at work! Xxx"

"Thank you Emma for giving us a platform for open exchange - when we stop hiding and share our stories we will soon see that we are not alone and can break the falsehoods of the past!  Lots of Love xx"

"I refuse to attach shame, guilt and self-hatred to a little digital number in a little box (on a scale). Today has got to be the day something shifts in that little brain of mine! Hating myself and my body for over twenty years has led me directly to this point so it is clearly not helpful is it!"

"So true, the dieting culture leads us to believe we are defined by our weight & we can get totally obsessed with the number on the scales. I know people who have lost inches but have lost very little  yet still feel they are failing because they haven't lost pounds. I know I would rather fit into smaller size clothes than quote a number on the scales. Love what you’re doing Emma  - thank you for setting this up xxx"

So, if you haven't already, why not come and join us...

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