Are you settling in a soul-sucking job?


I am 35 and I've never been married. I'm actually proud of that fact because, although torn between my head and my heart at times, it means that I have gone with my gut.  I had an engagement ring bought for me 10 years ago; I've had 3 long-term relationships and each of them talked about marriage but it panicked me because it never felt quite 'right'.  As people say: "When you know, you know." And I KNEW that it wasn't right. I KNEW that the person I was with was not someone I could see myself marrying.

In short, I am not prepared to "settle".

And that was the same for my job.

I knew that teaching was not something that I could sustain until I retired. That thought alone sends shivers down my spine. I was not and am not prepared to "settle" for a life of exhaustion, working late into the evening and missing out on my weekends. Don't get me wrong: I was conscientiousness and I was passionate but the role was unrelenting. I tried the route of full-time classteacher and something had to give. Unfortunately, it put me in hospital and I came out in a wheelchair and had to have 8 months off work.

And do you know what? That was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It made me re-evaluate my whole life. I had no other choice.

Are you "settling" in a job that doesn't fulfil you? Worse still, are you in a job that is bad for your health?

I believe that it is so important to our health and well-being to be in a loving, loyal and passionate relationship. Many statistics show that a happy marriage is good for health and well-being and actually increases life expectancy. However, I think we all know that the opposite is also true:

"difficult and strained relationships were bad for mental health, and being single was better than being in a strained relationship." Dr Gallacher.

And I believe that our working life is no different.

Just like our search for a soul-mate; it is crucial that we search for our soul-career, as I like to call it.

I believe is it critical to our health and well-being that we do work that makes us feel ALIVE.

As the late and great Steve Jobs famously quoted:

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

Please don't settle, my love! Your life is worth so much more than that.YOU are worth so much more than that!

Don't you work up until the point you put yourself in hospital.

Just this week alone (and it's only Wednesday) I have spoken to 5 women who want out of their job because it is slowly (and I quote from one) killing them. Even though they want out, they don't seem to believe it is possible for them to have a career that not only feeds their passion and soul but fills them with energy. None of them have any idea what else they would do and/or they lack the confidence to take the leap.

I never set out to work with women to help them gain the clarity and confidence to change jobs, but I have had enough of seeing such gifted and talented friends, family, colleagues and clients struggling, crying and having to take long periods of time off work because their job is draining the life out of them!

I have created my DREAM CAREER and it feels bl@@dy amazing! I feel so grateful that I have found what stirs my soul and fuels my body with the energy that was lacking for years. It might sound dramatic (not to someone who has been/is going through it) but I feel free. Is it hard work running a business? You bet! Is it rewarding? Incredibly. Are there long hours involved? Of course. Does it drain me? No, it fills me with hope, excitement and PASSION. I have my zest for life back.

I am starting a 3-part teleclass series entitled: Create Your Dream Career. It is for women who know they are destined for so much more than a soul-sucking job. It's for women who want to create a career that fills them with purpose and excitement.

Watch this space! Sign-up below get the details first:

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No more settling in a soul-sucking job (or anthing else for that matter) allowed ever again, deal?! And I'm here to help guide you every step of the way! 

Much love,

Emma x

P.S. In case you were wondering, I am now blissfully happy in a relationship with a wonderful man and I'm definitely not settling.