Are you feeling frustrated with yourself?

Hello Beautiful, 

I've been speaking to so many different women this week and they ALL had the same thing in common? 


With themselves.

Because they KNOW they're living life with the breaks on. They're lacking the confidence and belief in themselves.

Maybe you can relate? It's that feeling when you want to do something but you somehow convince yourself that it won't work out? Your inner-critic appears to be running the show.

You really want to go for a promotion/change roles but you're worried you'll look stupid if you don't get it. It's better not to go for it than fail, right?

You'd love a radically new hairstyle or wardrobe but you're worried what others will think. 

You long to start a business but then that same voice pipes up with: "What if it doesn't work out? How will you pay your bills?" 

The most uncomfortable place to be is in a place of resistance. When you're sitting on the fence, KNOWING that there's more for you. Knowing that there's another version of you that you need to embrace but for some reason you're not allowing that to happen. 

But guess what happens when you keep ignoring this part of you?

You shrink.

It's like a little piece of you dies a bit more EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And that's when you feel exasperated because life seems like Ground Hog Day. Nothing seems to change. . 

On Saturday, I put out an offer for 10 women to get a FREE 30 minute Confidence Coaching Session and the response I got was incredible. 

People want the confidence to GO FOR IT. They have the dreams and they just need the confidence (and clarity) to make it happen.

I want to reassure you - like I did to each woman I've spoken to this week - that it IS possible for you to have the confidence to make the changes you want

We are all confident underneath. We weren't born self-conscious or fearful. It's been years and years of thoughts that turned into limiting beliefs that cause us to have low self-esteem. 

Here's an analogy that sums up what I've been teaching this week:

Every day is a sunny day, if you go up high enough, it's just that the clouds are covering the sun!

It's the same for you.

Underneath the doubt and limiting thoughts (your clouded view of yourself) you are already the confident, fun-loving woman that is desperate to get out and start living life to the max.

I've made some space next week for more of these FREE 30 minute Confidence Coaching Sessions.

So, if you're ready to start lifting those clouds and embracing the REAL version of you so you can finally stop feeling so frustrated, this is for you.

Click here (or the button below) to apply for one if these session and tell me why you'd love to be considered for one of these coaching sessions.  

Tell the people around you to get their shades on because you're about to start shining brighter than ever! 

Lot of love,
Emma xx
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