7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind

It’s March and that means one thing: spring cleaning. I’ve just returned from Waitrose and they have managed to create a beautiful entrance display of cleaning products - that's clever marketing when they can get ME excited about housework! Spring is the time for renewal. As it gets (a little) warmer and the trees start to bloom, it is the perfect time to get rid of clutter and spruce up our homes.

But have you ever thought of spring cleaning your mind?

I talk about the importance of clarity when creating our dream life/career but if, like a busy computer, we find ourselves with too may "tabs" open, our minds can get foggy and quickly go into overwhelm! Regardless of how much your home could benefit from a top-to-toe spring clean, I am guessing (if you live in the 21st century) your mind could do with a bit of decluttering?!

Too many tabs open
Too many tabs open

7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind

1:: JournalThe best way I have found to help you clear the mental chatter is to journal. I am a huge advocate of this technique! The National Institute of Health suggests listing down all of the things that are worrying you, which will help clear your head. Other studies (any my own experience) have shown that people who regularly journal show improvement with depression and anxiety disorders. Ultimately, journaling helps reduce the amount of time spent worrying.

2 :: Spring clean your relationshipsDo you have an energy sapper in your circle of friends? This will be the person who constantly moans about life but does nothing about it. It becomes easy to be sucked into this and, before you know it, you find yourself in a low mood; this won’t enhance your life in any way, shape or form! Try to distance yourself from the energy vampires and spend more time with the people who energise you!

As Jim Rohn quoted: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So choose wisely!

3 :: Physically Declutter The saying goes: messy bed, messy head. Have you ever noticed that you feel mentally cluttered when you are surrounded by physical clutter? Set yourself a 15 minute timer and declutter an area of your home – this is so cathartic and you will feel instantly clearer.

4 :: Mentally Declutter You’re a busy women and, therefore, it goes with the territory that you have to keep many plates spinning. If you feel them starting to wobble, take the time to declutter your mind and see how much more productive you feel! If your mind has become cluttered with ‘stuff’ then, as well as journalling, you can try practise yoga, mindfulness or meditation to help you deal with everything you have going on.

5 :: Get out in nature I don’t know about you but I feel so much calmer and clearer when I have been out in nature. If I find myself getting overwhelmed with work, I take myself off into nature; there is something about walking in a forest that gives me space to breathe and get into the present moment. It soothes my soul and calms my mind. And if it's a bit breezy so much the better...you'll be able to blow the cobwebs away. Can you take yourself off for a 15 minute walk after work to switch off and clear your mind?

6 :: Replace a bad habitWhat habit could you ditch and replace with something that would benefit your life? Less time watching the television and more time reading, perhaps? Replacing your coffee with a green juice? Turning the laptop off and having a bath? Going to bed earlier? Pick one and promise yourself you will stick to it for 2 weeks and see the difference it makes.

7 :: Focus on the futureJust as we need to retrain our mind to focus on the positive, we need to remind ourselves to focus on the future. Try to refrain from going into the past and instead look for success. Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish; pick one and take a baby step towards it today. Trust me, when you lay your head on the pillow at night, you will sleep so much more soundly having taken a step towards your ideal future. What can you do today that your future self will thank you for?

So, get those "dusters" out.

Do you have any tips on the best way you have found to declutter your mind? It makes my day to hear from you, so if you have any comments (or questions) then I'd love you to post them below.

Until next time, close some of those "tabs"!Emma x