7 Ways To Be Confident In Your Own Skin

Do you hide your body away?

Do you feel ashamed of your appearance?

Would you love to feel confident in your own body?

I watched a video the other day and it made me laugh and cry.

In the video they asked 50 people the same simple question: If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?

It demonstrates how much our self-worth lowers as we age. The adults struggled to pick just one thing to change; however, the children were genuinely stumped by the question.

The children couldn’t find fault with their body. Their responses will make you laugh and smile too: one girl’s response was that she wanted to have a mermaid tail.

At what point does our self-esteem lower?

Young children are just not critical of their bodies in the same way. They delight in hoicking their top up in public to show the world their tummy; they love to be naked; they almost loathe getting dressed. I lived in Africa, as a child, and have countless embarrassing photos of me wearing nothing but wellies and sunglasses. I refused to wear anything more.

When did we go from carefree children to critical teens and adults?

I cried when I watched the video because I got it! If I had been asked the question back then, I too would have been able to reel off many things I wanted to change. I look back at photos of myself from 10 years ago and I cannot believe that I used to think I was so fat and ugly. I would literally hide my face away from people when they spoke to me or, at the very least, turn bright red.

Today, I weigh more than I ever have done, my skin is far from perfect but I feel more comfortable and confident in my body than ever before.

What's changed?

I've learned to love and accept my body for the wonderful instrument she is: I've learned to see her as an ally rather than the enemy.

To get more comfortable with your body, you need to spend more time with it. Here are 7 ways to not only help you get properly reacquainted with your body again, but to make friends with her.

1:: Change Your Inner Monologue

The way we speak to ourselves has a damaging effect on our self-worth. The good news is that we CAN change our inner monologue. Learn more in my FREE eGuide >> 'How to Release Your Self-Bully'

2:: Congratulate Her

Your body does an incredible job for you. Think about all the incredible things she enables you to do. Write them down! Say thank you to her (brownie points for saying it out loud!)

3:: Get Naked

Get used to being naked again. Sleep naked. Have sex with the light on. Don’t rush to get dressed after a bath/shower: spend time massaging in a luxurious body lotion.

4:: Get Real

Nobody’s perfect. How many people do you know who are truly ‘perfect’? Remind yourself that most of the celebrities you see in magazines have either had 3 hours in hair and make-up or been airbrushed (or both). Ditch the magazines if you know you compare yourself in an unfavourable way.

5:: Look At the Whole Picture

We tend to look in the mirror and focus on the parts we dislike. For a week, instead of looking in the mirror and letting your eyes get drawn to your bum/leg/tum (___insert other body part), I want you to take a step back and see the whole picture! See yourself as your best friend does. As you partner does.

6:: Celebrate Her

What are your best features? Draw attention to them. Got lovely lips? Wear a red lipstick. Got long legs? Break out a dress and heels and emphasis them even more.

7:: Become a Role Model

If you are a mother, aunty or grandmother, make sure you set a great example to those young and impressionable minds around you: consciously focus on the wonderful things your body enables you to do. Talk about skills and talents rather than features.

Our body is so much more than the image that stares back at us in the mirror!

Let's start a body-love epidemic; after all, it's the only one we've got!

Do leave a comment below - I'd love to hear from you! What are you going to do today to start shifting your mindset so you can be confident in your own skin?

Until next time, get celebrating.

Emma xx

Photo credit: Pinterest

Want to watch the video for yourself? You can find it here >>