20 Minute Next Steps Clarity Call

I was graded an 'Outstanding' maths teacher by 4 OFSTED inspectors.

Do you know why? Because I was soooooo crap at maths when I was younger. I literally scrapped a pass grade (C) in my GCSE and that was with my dad's help PLUS a private tutor.

Ironically, when I became a primary teacher the subject I loved teaching the most was maths.

I knew where the kids got stuck. I broke it down for them. I made it fun. I built their confidence to have a go, then challenged them. As a result, the children in my class made incredible progress. I'm taking 2 years in 6 months.

And that's why I'm a powerful business coach too.

I started a business 8 years ago and didn't have a clue what I was doing. I also lacked confidence in myself. Not a good combination!

I had to learn not just the business structures and systems to run an offline AND online business, but overhaul my limiting beliefs about myself.

I had to increase my confidence to push myself out of my comfort zone. I had to overcome body image issues to enable me to have the guts to speak on stage. I had to learn the best ways to reach a greater audience.

It paid off BIG time because I now run a coaching business I LOVE. I have clients across the globe. And YOU can too.

I know where entrepreneurs get stuck. I know what trips them up.

I break down the system and structures every business needs in place and make it fun. I teach women how to believe in themselves and lovingly challenge them to stride outside their comfort zone.

Are you looking for a coach who can help you take your business to the next level? I'm offering 10 women a change to sample the way I coach with a FREE 20 min Next Steps Clarity Call.

Overwhelmed with where to go next? Want to become more visible online and offline?

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Emma xx